Scarlet - EncounterMature

Oh Jesus, I'm going crazy.

I watched the boy who called himself Wes walk away from me with the pain of losing Hunter all over again. It's him, it's him, I swear it's him, my heart screamed out, while my mind put its hands over its ears and shouted out rational things. He's dead, Hunter's dead, he's in a morgue somewhere with a tag around his foot, staring up at the inside of a body bag.

Wes. He could have been Hunter's twin from the dark side. He looked just like him, oh God, he did. But there was something. Something behind his eyes.

I stumbled over to a bench and collapsed onto it, watching the back of Wes's head until it disappeared among the throng. Making my hands into fists, I rubbed my eyes, trying to clear away the awful thoughts that kept stealing into my mind. Wes was just another kid. Who happened to look a lot like my best friend.

The warning bell rang, and I wearily stood up and dragged my feet to English. It was on the other side of the school, and I slid into my seat just as the teacher started her lecture. I got a few looks, probably mostly for my hair, but one or two were genuine looks of sympathy. Word had gotten out about Hunter, and people were shaken up.

The day dragged on as usual, and I drifted to my classes in an apathetic gaze, keeping to myself. It wasn't that I didn't have any other friends, there were a few girls that I occasionally hung out with. But Hunter was gone. And I wanted to be alone.

When the last bell rang, I found myself standing in the hall, staring down the dark corridor as crowds of teenagers filed past me, waiting for someone who I knew would never come to meet me, never walk me home again. A single tear slid down my nose and fell onto the ground.


I whipped around, sure that when I turned I would see him there, holding out his hand for me, smiling that secret smile that he saved for when I was around. But of course it wasn't him.

It was a kid I'd never seen before. He was about the same height as Hunter, maybe a little taller. He had a dark hoodie pulled over his head. His eyes glinted at me from the darkness of the hallway.

I clutched my books tighter to me. Something about this boy made me uncomfortable. "Yeah? Do I know you?"

"No." He smiled, a sharp-toothed grin that was more of a grimace. "And believe me, you don't want to. So stay away. Do you hear me?" His eyes flashed dangerously. "Mind your own business and you won't get hurt."

I backed up hastily, anxious to get away and almost tripping over my own feet. “I—I don’t know what you mean. Leave me alone.”

“Gladly.” He stalked forward and thrust his face into mine, so I was staring directly into his green eyes. “Just don’t ever—ever—talk to Wes again. Or I will be your worst nightmare.”

And then, he was gone. Just like that. I turned and fled, out of the hallway, away from the deserted school and out into the rain.


The End

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