Hunter - Soul StealerMature

Death, I had always thought for the longest time that it would be like some large train tunnel with a light at the end that you walked to and when you got there, you were at heaven. This wasn't how it was with my death, I was just sitting in a black void. My eyes were blind, my ears were deaf, and my tongue was mute. I tried my hardest to remember how I had gotten into this purgatory but all I could remember was flashing green eyes and a hyena like laugh. 

"Hunter..." a voice called to me, echoing around. I looked around and couldn't find it's source. "Hunter, wake-up! I think it's time you start your new life." I could feel my soul being locked back into my body, a rush of air flooding my lungs as my eyes shot open. The room was white, bone white, and it smelled of death. My body felt as thought I hadn't used it in centuries. "Welcome back," the voice said. I turned my eyes to see the familiar green eyes and twisted smile. "Name's Cain," he flashed a loose smile while walking over to me. 

"What....what happened?" I asked sitting up on a cold metal table, the back of my shirt was shredded. " I?" Cain sat upon a desk causing papers to flutter to the ground. 

"Well you died so now your in the city morgue. Just thought I'd come and take you home," The last half of his sentence was mockingly sarcastic. My eyes went wide and I felt as though someone had struck me hard. "I...died?!" I stammered, it wasn't possible. Cain nodded tossing me a mirror from the desk. I caught it and gasped at what I saw. My eyes had developed red irises and the whites of my eyes had become black, my skin had also taken up the death-like smoky grey appearance. A fiery pain shot through my back as I tried to stand. Cain was instantly at my side, an arm around my shoulder.

"You're gonna be a bit weak, Hunter. It's not everyday one becomes a soul stealer." I froze at his words. Soul Stealer?! My mind went blank and an overwhelming sense of calm over came me. I though I was supposed to be scared but now for some reason I felt indifferent at what Cain had said. I nodded calmly and Cain didn't seemed surprised. 

"Here," he said taking my arm and pulling me to a wall mirror. "This is your mark." he said it proudly as he moved the shredded pieces of my shirt aside. I stared over my shoulder in wonder as a pair of black angel wings tattooed on either side of my back. They were beautiful as though they would be able to come to life off my back. "Beautiful aren't they?" he asked, humming with pride. I looked back to his glinting jade eyes and nodded. 

"They are," I said a little proud myself. Cain nodded and then pulled a pendant from the pocket of his hoodie. A silver chain dangled from his fingers, the pendant itself was a intricately ornate scythe. "This is your weapon, whenever you need it just clasp a hold of this and call it's name. It will come to you..." he paused and looked around the morgue a bit perturbed as I hooked the pendant's chain around my neck. "Come on, we have to leave. I'll show you how and where to use your new abilities. The you can start. Oh, I almost forgot." He tossed me a black hoodie, a shirt, and a dark pair of jeans. "Meet me outside after you put those on." He began to leave but I stopped him. 

" she...alright?" I felt my cockiness and confidence waver when I said her name. Cain violently spun around but calmed when my eyes met his. 

"She's fine, but I wouldn't advise going to meet her. She thinks you're dead...malled by a crazy they said." he laughed at the notion and disappeared in a flash of smoke. Quickly I removed my bloody and shredded clothes slipping into the comfortable clothes that Cain had tossed me. After I was done, I looked about the morgue. 

Scarlett...please don't be worried....I'll visit you...soon...after I learn what being a soul stealer has in store for me....wait for me. A flash of anger course through me at these thoughts, she'd think of me as some freak if she saw me now. My blood boiled at the word freak, it was a word I had never gotten used to. No, no she'd accept me no matter what I am. I released a large, rumbling growl at the inner conflict raging. He just didn't now which side to believe, his trustful and loyal self or his bitter and angry self. Making my way out of the morgue, the hospital, and into the night air I just shook my head...I was no longer the Hunter Westran I though I was. 

The End

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