Darkness WithinMature

Hunter is a young high schooler who's growing sick of the monotony of life. When a stranger offers him the chance at something new he takes it without a thought to the consequences. Now Hunter has become something much darker. It is now up to his best friend to save him from his inner darkness. Remember, be careful what you wish for.


I pulled out my Ipod and threw in my headphones, blaring Five Finger Death Punch, and walked through the hallway. The music, with it's thundering bass and heavy riffs helped to drown out all the popular girls giggling and the jocks macho football talk. Stifling a gag, I continued to the end of the hallway and turned into my class. This last hour class was my favorite class of the day.

Taking my seat, the bell for 5th period rang. Thank goodness it's the last hour, I'm gonna go insane with the dullness and the sameness of everything. I removed my head phones and pocketed them with my Ipod. The classroom was loud with all the popular kids sitting in the front of the class, chatting away as the teacher waited, impatient. Sitting in the back, I had the deepest compulsion to just stand up and ask them to be quite. The problem was I didn't have any friends here, my only friend was in a different class. I’m not antisocial, but if there’s one thing I hate; it’s the drama. Whose dating who, who hates her, who did him. Its pathetic!

Our teacher, an older gentleman rose from his desk. The class quieted slightly and turned towards the front of the room, another fun day in Psychology. I raised my hand hoping to get some printer paper for drawing, it was just a habit to listen and doodle.

“Yes, Hunter?” he said pointing at me. The class fell silent, as if someone hit the mute button. “Can I get some paper?” I could almost feel the disappointment and see it flicker behind their fake and evil eyes. “Sure Hunter, go right ahead.” The classroom chatter picked back up, as I grabbed my paper and went back to my seat.  “Students,” the teach raise his hands to get out attention, “Due to lack of funding the trip to the schizophrenic hospital has been cancelled.”

Everyone let out their angst at the sudden cancelation. That’s another thing I hate about this school besides its repetitive schedule, lack of funding. Even for an educational trip. I shook my head and tried to think of all the fun things I could do after school. Just chill, listen to music and enjoy the time with Scarlet. I felt my cheeks flush at her name, she had been my best friend all through high school. We were practically brother and sister, inseparable. We knew everything about each...well almost everything. She didn't know that I had the worlds largest crush on her, a large smile creased my lips. 

"Hunter...HUNTER!" My eyes jerked up suddenly, the teacher was standing right in front of my desk, the entire class had disappeared. I sat there frozen, were is everyone? The teachers wrinkled face gave me a warm smile. "Class is over Hunter, you can go." I nodded quickly, gathering my stuff and rushing from the class. It was the same things everyday, always going to school, always losing myself in my thoughts, always trying to escape the popular kid's menacing stares. 

Running through the halls, my backpack bouncing against my back, I headed through the front doors and outside. A deep breath past my lips, it was a beautiful day; the sun was shining, and the air was cool, birds chirped, and insects whispered.

"Hey Hunter," a voice called that I didn't recognize. My eyebrows furrowed as I stopped and turned around. The guy was about my height, light green eyes and short brown hair. His skin was pale, like death had touched his skin early. He was wearing jeans and a dark hoodie. His grin had a dangerous almost predatory look to it. 

"Do I know you?" I asked, confused. The boy's grin widened and shook his head.

"No but I know you and trust me you'll know me soon enough." I opened my mouth to ask another question but someones hands wrapped around my eyes and a girls voice giggled. 

"Scarlet," I half whined pulling her fingers away. My eyes widened when I realized the guy I had just been talking to had disappeared. I just stood and stared, thoughts rushing through my head as Scarlett stepped in front of me and waved a hand. 

"You ok?" she said cocking her head. My eyes linger on the spot a few more seconds before shaking my head and smiling. 

"Sorry, just thought I saw something." She lightly punched my shoulder and we started walking towards my house. Who was that guy and what did he mean by I'd know him soon enough?

The End

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