Darkness. Absolute. Terrifying in it’s completeness. Wind sounded through the clearing, cold enough to chill to the bone, strong enough to lift the leaves from the ground. The sound of rustling filled the nothingness, the only other noise was the keening wind and a hawk screeching in the distance. Then silence returned, the wind gone as suddenly as it had started. 

Something snapped, echoing ominously in the void. And then silence. Another snap. A soft snicker. Then a feral snarl split the night; that of a thousand tortured souls. A growl... A sound of terror from the deer. Something whistling through the dark. A pair of huge, glassy orbs, crimson, lit of their own accord, appeared from nowhere. Lips, darkness incarnate, drew back to reveal ivory-white teeth. Except... They weren’t just white. The lifeblood of a victim clung to the fangs, desperate to remain free of the cloying ground. Slowly, they fell, each catching the moonlight like a ruby. 

And then the moon appeared, sidling out from the cover of a huge cloud. It cast it’s silvery glare over the scene, illuminating it, breaking the spell. And then pandemonium reigned as king.

The End

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