Darkliquid's Random Writing Prompts

If you just look at my track record on here, you'll see I'm terrible at finishing anything. I tend to generate ideas pretty rapidly though, so if you happen to subscribe to my particular brand of crazy, here are some writing prompts for you.

Welcome, one and all, to my random writing prompts, but first an introduction!

Hello, I'm darkliquid and I am a spinner of tales unfinished. I have the bad habit of starting stories and never finishing them. However, I love coming up with new ideas and tend to have them on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes ideas are just story fragments. Sometimes concepts. Sometimes pieces of dialogue, quotes, monologues or other random flotsam and jetsam floating around in my brain. Whatever the idea is, under my stewardship it's nigh on guaranteed to remain unfinished, relegated to the annals of protagonize as one of the many orphans looking for new authors to make them whole.

So, I've decided to stop kidding myself. Each page of this work will be a different writing prompt, be it an entire page or a short fragment with some accompanying thoughts and ideas. I'm licensing everything under an Attribution only license, meaning you can do anything with any of the prompts herein, be it a derivative work (the obvious usage) or a commercial use as long as you provide attribution. Also, you're under no obligation to republish your own works based of any of these prompts as Creative Commons work. You can do whatever you please as long as you provide attribution back to me for the inspiration that set you on your path. Obviously, I'd encourage using a CC license, but it isn't mandatory.

If you do use one of these prompt to create a new work or to add to an existing one, do let me know and I'll mention it in the authors guidance or something like that, as well as get warm fuzzy feelings inside from knowing I helped in inspire someone.

So without further delay, let the brain-farting begin!

The End

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