Rowan: Introduction

I wake up to the sound of gently lapping waves sloshing against some hard surface. Grumbling I open my eyes and awaken to my surroundings. "Hmm, concrete floor, flickering lights, weird smell."

Suddenly it hits me, "Sewers dammit!"

From lying down, I kick myself up and get prepared to fight my way out. Then I look down and see a letter on the ground. Curious, I pick it up and open it.

"Dear Rowan, it has come to our attention that you have been watching us for the past three weeks. We do not like people watching us. Sincerely, THosE wHo mUchly doN'T apprEciate watcheRS."

Except the last sentence was weird, it had a bunch of weird capitalization. It was written, 'THosE wHo mUchly doN'T apprEciate watcheRS. I put it in the pocket of my cloak, curious as to the meaning.

I walk along the walkway that keeps me above the running refuse running through here but in every direction, I see nothing but darkness. They must have installed this light here for a reason.

I stand still and calm myself down and I follow the flow of the air using Aeromancy to find an exit. When I see it and the way to get there I open my eyes and get ready to run through the sewers.

Terror pumping itself through my veins I book it into the darkness. I create a barrier of air around me, doubting its efficacy of protecting me, in an attempt to feel safe. As I run, I heard the growls and roars of monsters in the shadows.

Then, as I round a corner, a creature jumps out at me. Gliding through my barrier it slashes my face with its claws. I push it back with a gust of wind as I take my dagger out and I throw it, using the wind to guide it along until it pierces the skull of the monstrous beast. I run and take it out as I look behind me and see a small group of creatures. Knowing I cannot be victorious, I turn and run, using wind to push them away.

Eventually, I find the exit, a ladder that goes up a long, dark shaft. Immediately, I don't trust it. But, looking behind me, I see the gang of shadows.

"That's enough motivation." I say, jumping up and using the wind to levitate me up the shaft. Luckily, for me, there are no shadows in the shaft. I push off the plate and climb out of the sewers, falling onto the street, underneath the radiant calm and peace of a light post.

"Thank whatever God is out there." I say breathlessly as I roll over and push the plat back onto the hole.

I stand up and see a man strolling along the road.

"Hey!" I call out.

"Hello, what were you doing in the sewers?" The man asks.

"Well, that's a good question. I made some very important people very angry and I'm not entirely sure how."

The End

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