Guinevere: A VisitMature

After hours, we were not to leave our beds. Which was exactly the reason I was alone in the Slytherin commonroom, perched upon one of the black leather chairs. The rest of my house was fast asleep, dreaming perhaps of a brighter sort of life. But not me.

I reveled in the feeling of being alone, of being engulfed in darkness. The shadows had always felt like home to me. Something about them seemed to welcome me right into their arms.

I was not expecting it, which might have been the reason the sudden banging noise sent me toppling off the chair and onto the floor. My wide eyes glanced around- surely someone must have heard that- but they quickly settled upon a figure. He was cloaked in the finest black silk, his blonde hair sweeped elegantly back from his forehead. 

"Uncle Draco?" I said with complete awe. He only dipped his chin to acknowledge my existence. He'd appirated, I realized with great shock. Right into the school. Right through the charms."What are you doing here?" My voice now had an edge of suspicion.

"There is no time for questions, Guinevere," he replied in a grave tone. Everything about my uncle screamed of meloncholy, like some immense fear had consumed him. "It seems there isnt much time for anything." 

A frown knit my brow. "What are you-"

"The voices!" Draco cried through clenched teeth. "I know you've been hearing voices."

I knew my face had paled. How could he...? I hadnt even told Lazurus of my headaches, of the haunting whispers that spoke only to me. "What's going on?" I demanded. There was no longer any warmth in the words.

"It's finally happened," Draco murmured. He was staring off into the ether, seeing things I knew I couldnt even if I'd tried. "I knew this day would come."

"Bloody tell me!" I shouted. At this point, I didnt really care if someone heard. There was a pounding in my heart telling me that this was going to be very, very bad.

My uncle's lifeless gray eyes met my own. "He's back. The Dark Lord is back."

I could feel it moving in, the blackness creeping along the edge of my vision. I tried to steady myself, gripping hard the arm of the nearest chair. "That isnt possible," I choked.

"Oh, I'm afraid it is," Draco said. "There's only one thing he could have returned for." When it became clear I wouldnt reply, my uncle answered the question I hadnt needed to ask.

"He's here for his daughter, Guinevere. He's here for you."

The End

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