Blue: After HoursMature

I sat alone in the common room. I mean, of course there were other people in the room, but that didn't make me any less alone. The people who didn't hate me for not exactly being straight and furthermore for consorting with a Slytherin didn't want to ruin their social lives. Wizards are surprisingly elitist, not just towards Muggles and in some cases, non-purebloods. That can translate into sexism, racism, and also anti-LBGT feelings.

Finally I went to bed. The other girls pretended they were sleeping or fell silent as I walked by. After completing the long march down to my bed - it was all the way on the end - I suddenly turned.

"If you hate me, and I know you do, then come right out and say it. Stop treating me like a disease or like I'm invisible."

They looked kind of shocked. I would have been too.

"We don't hate you..." A small girl who's name I'd never caught trailed off.

"Then why do you ignore me? Cause you think I'm crazy, cause you think I'm a Slytherin lover."

"Aren't you?" piped up a sixth year.

"No. One Slytherin doesn't mean all Slytherins. They mostly creep me out and to be honest I don't even trust -" I didn't want to say her name. A bad taste crept into my mouth, and I looked down.

Sherry, one of the biggest bitches in the dorm, opened her snarky mouth and said "Either way, you're a queer. And you're a creep to boot. We might not hate you, but nobody here likes you." 

The looks on the faces of the other girls in the room gave me courage to say the stupid. They were kind of scared, and some of them looked like they didn't agree. So I felt comfortable opening my mouth. "You know what, Sherry? At least the other girls are honest to me. They don't hide that they dislike me. But I watch people, and you know what I know? You don't have a single friend here. You have suckers-up and people who are too afraid of you to tell you to your face that you're a crazy bitch."

Her face went white. "You're a creep, Blue. And a liar."

I smirked at her. "Prove it."

Tired of that conversation, I turned my back and got into bed. With Sherry in the same room, I'd be surprised if I woke up in the morning.

The End

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