Hanlian- The Bieber WayMature

As the week went by I realized I had no friends. The only person who had talked to me was Jona.

"Hanlian, we have Herbology."Jona said patting my arm.

I gathered my things, watching as a boy with bright blond hair and blue eyes gathered his. He looked a lot like me, except for the fact that I was a girl.

Jona who was already done, followed my gaze.

"Uh, why does everybody do that."she moaned.

"Do what?"I asked still not taking my gaze off the boy.

"Connor of course."she said like everyone knew, but me.

"What's wrong with him, he obviously is perfect?"

"The way he flips his hair."she said laughing.

"You mean the Bieber way."

"Who's Beiber?"

"Omg you do not know who Justin Beiber is. Seriously girl, are you in this world?"I said. How did she not know about Justin. he was the coolest guy in the muggle world.

"Hanlian, I live in the wizard world. Not in the muggle like you."she said with a sigh.

"Oh, ya. Then I'll tell you in the common room."I said flabbergasted.

We hurried off to Herblogy. I was going to need to talk to Jona.

The End

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