Charlie; when toads go boomMature

I stood at the table, glancing at my Professor nervously, he nodded me on and I gulped.

'Engorgi!' I commended, flicking my wand at the toad on the table. A few of the class member winced, before sighing with relief as they saw that my spell had gone...

'Eeek! It's getting too big!' A girl shrieked  from the back of the classroom. The proud grin which I'd plastered on my face slipped away as I turned to stare at the toad which was now growing to a ridiculous size. I backed away from the over-sized creature and shrugged at the Professor apologetically as I dashed out of the room along with the rest of my class.


Everyone jumped about a foot into the air and Ricky, one of my friends, opened the door carefully and jumped back in surprise as a large lump of solidified goo slipped out the door in a grotesque manner. I shiver and peeped inside.

'Ewwww!' I gagged, pulling my cloak over my mouth and nose in a dire hope to block out the rank stench that lingered in the Charms Classroom.

'Charlotte Hicks! Go to my office, now!' Professor burst out, I flinched and nodded, a sullen expression on my face. A few of my classmates whooped and clapped as I stalked past them, those who had never taken a spell, charms or dark arts class with me before thought I had done it on purpose... But I didn't. It just sort of happens when I attempt magic. Even though I am a witch... well, the headmaster said so, and my mother is... so I guess I am.

But I just don't excel at magic. Period.


The End

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