Guinevere: Blurring the EdgesMature

While everyone around me was busy settling into school, I was busy trying to forget about my spontaneous blackout the week before. I'd come to only a few minutes later, with Maddox hovering over me, a concerned expression etched into his face. He hadnt said much, and so we'd sort of left it at that.

Since then, we'd been virtually inseparable. Even when I knew I was going to be late to Herbology, I just couldnt tear myself from him. Something about him made me feel so much safer.

"I'll see you in an hour," he teased me, toying with a strand of my black hair. I was well aware that people were staring, but I just couldnt bring myself to care. Lately I'd been so out of it. I'd spent the last five years calculating each and every move I made. Now it was suddenly none of it mattered.

Late was an understatement. I rushed into the third greenhouse, tuning out the static from my the professor. It was a double period with Ravenclaw, which would have probably gotten under my skin in normal circumstances. But with Maddox's kiss lingering upon my lips, it was hard to really, truly feel all that superior. Because he had such power over me.

"Look who finally graced us with her presence."

I spun around to face a vaguely familiar kid. Noah. I didnt deign myself to reply, instead setting my books down and getting right into digging up my flower. Whatever it was. 

"What's your issue?" Noah pressed, but there wasnt much hostility in his voice. Beside him, a few of his friends snickered. I almost wished Lazurus was there beside me, because at least he would be on my side. Then again, he'd probably only worsen the situation.

"Yeah," another Ravenclaw piped up. Why werent the other Slytherins at least defending me? I was their queen, damn it, the person who they'd turned for so long. What was happening to me? How was it possible that I was fading into the nothing? "You act like you're so much better than the rest of us. Just because your blood is so bloody pure..."

Dont listen to them. 

My head exploded suddenly with a rush of pain so emmense, it caused me to knock over my vase and collapse onto the ground.

"Good heavens!" I heard the professor shout, just as Noah was bending over beside me.

"Guinevere," he murmured, or maybe I only imagined it. "Guinevere, are you okay?"

My head was cradled in between my hands. I'd imagined it. That was the only explanation. The voice had been my subconscious lashing out in anger.

"I'm...fine," I muttered, pushing myself into a sitting position.

Yeah. Right.

The End

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