Noah: HerbologyMature

The first week soon flew by. Gradually, everyone got back into a routine and the summer was soon forgotten. 

My pile of homework had grown quickly, but I wasn't worried. School work came easy to me, so I didn't waste time doing pointless work unless I had to. Homework I always left to the last moment. 

It was the second Friday already, so I stepped into the great hall with a bounce in my step. I took my usual place next to Bart, with the twins opposite us.

"Someone's happy this morning." Ronan said, taking a piece of toast from the table. I began to greedily fill my plate with scrambled eggs. 

"I certainly am!" I said, with a grin. "I can't believe it's the weekend already. Even double Herbology with Slytherin this morning can't ruin my mood." 

Rudolf laughed. Ronan rolled his eyes. 

"I wonder who she is." Bart said suddenly. We all looked at him, and followed his gaze to a small first year sat a few seats down. I looked at him, puzzled. Why would he wonder who a random first year was?

"What do you mean?" I asked him. He carried on eating his cereal, oblivious to our curios stares. 

"She didn't come in with the rest of the first years." He said, as if it was obvious. Like anyone remembered all of the first years. No one really paid attention to the sorting, as long as they all cheered when someone joined their house. 

"Oh." I said. "Maybe she was late?" 

He shrugged, already forgetting about her. "Maybe." 

I looked at Ronan and Rudolf and I could see them struggling to keep the amusement of their faces. I knew that they only refrained from teasing Bart just for me. 

"Anyway, I'm going to Charms." Bart said, standing up. He nodded once, then walked off with a vacant smile on his face. 

"I really don't understand why someone like you hangs around with someone like him." Rudolf muttered. I ignored him.

"Where's Trevor?" I asked. Ronan laughed. 

"He's putting his name down to try out for the Quidditch team." He said. 

"Tracy Dippet left before summer didn't she, along with Ryan Bell and Godfried Butterby." Rudolf said. 

I stared at them incredulously. Trevor? Quidditch? I just couldn't see it. 

"Is he for real? Why would he even embarrass himself?" I asked, shaking my head. 

"He said he's been practising over summer. You should have seen how bright red he went when we caught him." Ronan said. "Anyway, we best get going or we will be late." 

We all stood up together, and headed out of the hall. The glass cases holding the gems representing house points glittered under the morning sun. As usual, Slytherin's glass was highest, with Grythindor only just behind. Ravenclaw were coming third, with Hufflepuff hardly showing any. 

"Look over there." Rudolf said suddenly. We followed his gaze and saw Guinevere stood by the lake on the sand. Next to her, a tall Syltherin called Madox Gregory was leaning in to kiss her. 

"Woah." Ronan said. 

"You can say that again." Rudolf breathed. We were all stood there, staring over, unsure on what to say. We must have looked like right dummies. 

"Come on." I said suddenly. I didn't like to think what Guinevere would say if she caught us spying on her. "Let's get to Herrbology."

We turned our gaze, and carried on across the schools grounds. 

"I wonder what Malfoy would say to that." Ronan said, grinning. "I always thought there was something going on between them." 

I raised my eyebrows. "That's just wrong. They're related." 

Rudolf shook his shoulders. "They're Syltherins. They don't need an extra reason to be wrong. You know what there like - marrying pure bloods only.Wouldn't surprise me if they stuck to family members considering how rare it is now a days anyway to be a pure blood. Even us two have a muggle grandfather." 

"Yeah but, come on. Lazurus and Guinevere? I don't know what you two fantasize about, but I just can't picture it." I said. 

The greenhouses came up ahead, and Professor Longbottom was stood outside waiting for everyone to arrive. 

"Greenhouse three today, boys." He said, happily as we made our way over to him. 

"I heard they've got Fanged Geranium's in there!" Rudolf whispered, grinning from ear to ear. 

Soon enough, the other members of the class made their way over. Lazurus was stood on his own, looking out of place without Guinevere. For some reason, she didn't turn up to the lesson. Maddox, however strolled in ten minutes late. 

"Wonder where Hart is." Lola Griffins - a Ravenclaw girl in my year - whispered to her friend, Palma Topkins. "Probably thinking she's too good for Herbology, I bet." 



The End

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