Hanlian- Getting Settled InMature

I walked up to the ravenclaw common room.

"A man can't hold me for more than two minutes, but I am lighter than air. What am I?"the portrait said musically.

"Your breath."I said to the portrait. She smiled then let me in.

Everyone sat casually around the fire. It's flames dancing.

"Hello everybody. I'm new here so can you please show me where to put my stuff?" I asked politely.

No one even looked like they were listening.

"What's your name?"a boy with spiky black hair asked me.

"Hanlian Nona."

"Pretty name. I'm Bilfred. Too bad I'm not a girl or I would've shown you to the girl's dormitory. Bloody girls, they can go into our dormitory, but we can't go into theirs. I'll go get Jona my sister she's in her first year."he said pointing to a tall girl with black hair just lile his.

"Jona, here's a new girl. Actually do some good for a change and take her to the girl's dormitories."he demanded.

"Hello, I'm Hanlian."I said to Jona as he walked over.

"Up those stairs on the right."she said quietly so only her and I could hear.

I went up the stairs found the one empty bed, set my stuff on the side of it, and happily put on my clothes.

The End

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