Hogwarts is the one place I can feel... safe and at home(partly because it's protected by magic). My actual home, I spent most of my year here, over half of that year is spent in my common room; in the chair next to the fire. Where I would usually do failed attempts at magic.

I fondled my jumpers Hufflepuff crest, smiling at the little badger which stood tall against the yellow and black, I looked up to see a few paintings giving me odd looks.


'You look quite peculiar... stroking your school uniform.'

'And a painting which moves and walks and talks isn't?'

'Humph!' The man in the painting walked out of his frame and I spotted him on the other side of the room in a picture of a jungle. I snickered as the lion roared at the frail old man.

'Charlotte Hicks! What a way to start the new term!' A pompous voice chided me, I looked up and to my dismay, the head girl, Phillipa Johnson, was stood in front of me; looking at my pink-clad hair with disapproval, 'how on earth did you get past Professor Icklesworth(Hufflepuff's teacher), with that?'

'I got Oliver to cast a spell on it... but it wore off already it seems.' I picked up a strand on hair and examined it with distaste. I noticed Phillipa was still there and I looked up at her, one eyebrow cocked.

'What are you going to do about it?'

'Visit the Madam Pomfrey...if she's still alive that is!' I added with a snicker. Phillipa looked at me with a very stern expression. I sank back into my armchair and met her gaze--with some difficulty, that girl has eyes of steel!

'Well, you should know, that you wont be accepted into the school choir if your hair is like that!'

'What?! No way! Fix it! Please, Phillipa!' I begged her, I have been in the school choir since my first year. It's the only thing I'm good at, singing that is, my spell work is terrible and when it comes to charms... no one sits next to me. And Potions? Oh god. Don't even go there!

'Fine, since you seem so desperate.' Phillipa glared at me and with a swish of her wand(which is always polished so well, I can see my face in it) my hair steadily grew back to it's normal colour from the roots to the tips, I nodded in thanks and scurried to the girls dorm to get away from her prying eyes which were raking over my uniform and face to spot anything out of place.

So cruel hexes, and scary Head Girls aside, Hogwarts is the best place for anyone to be. Simply because it's the home place one can feel perfectly at home.

The End

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