Blue: Infer MarieMature

Apparently I was hexed on the train. Or got sick. Or something.

The last thing I remember was sitting in my compartment on the Hogwarts Express before waking up here, in the Hogwarts infirmary. Madam Pomfrey - ridiculously old now, which says something for her healing skills - was nowhere to be seen. Naturally, I tried to get up. If I was awake, I must be fine.

Not so much. I passed out again, this time halfway off the bed. I slid into a series of dreams, which were not so much dreams as memories. Memories that were so vivid I would not have known they were not dreams had I not recognised them.

First, I recognised the hall outside the Slytherin common room. A blush of boys was headed down the hall straight for me, driving one small blonde one who looked like a second year ahead of them. He had guts, though. He was firing some pretty complex jinxes over his shoulder while running at full speed, but the bigger boys were gaining on him, also throwing jinxes. As they neared, it became clear that the young boy had several things wrong with him, from unnaturally curling hair to rapidly swelling feet. He couldn't outstrip them much longer on those things. I took a chance, knowing this kid was probably a backstabbing Slytherin who'd cuss me out or hex me as soon as he was safe. 

As they passed, I stepped out and grabbed the little Slytherin, simultaneously calling out "Protego!". That stopped their curses, but we still had to get away from them. They chased us all the way to the infirmary.

Next, I remembered the reason why I had slipped into that Slytherin hallway.


Now, she was a dream. Marie was the darkest of the Slytherin girls, and somehow that attracted me far more than it should have any loyal Gryffindor. To prove it, she wouldn't even let me call her what everyone else named her. But perhaps that was because I knew a side of Marie that no-one else did. A beautiful, shy, soft, and seriously addictive side. Perhaps all this was due to a love potion, a trick that would suit the personality Marie put on around other people - Guinevere - oh so very well.

Four hours later, I was gently awoken by Madam Pomfrey, who between scolding me for trying to get up and telling me that I was released, informed me that a couple of Slytherins were serving detentions for slipping me a potion on the train. Of course. Now I wonder who that could be?

I staggered out the door of the infirmary and slowly made my way back towards the Gryffindor Tower. I'd missed everything, the Sorting, the feast, the gossip, and all the new drama that had sprung up just in those few hours.

The End

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