Hanlian - LateMature

I ran across the great hall. My feet were like bricks pulling me with everystep. I didn't know where to go. Of course, I'm only a first year so I needed to be placed.

For some reason I had a feeling I new where to go, so I let my feet carry me. In minutes I was infront of a giant bird with stone steps that led up to the middle.

"Excuse me, darling what on earth are you doing up here?" a voice said from behind me. I turned around and was greeted with a smiley face. On her head was a huge hat that pointed straight upwards.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" she asked.

"No, I haven't been placed yet."I said with my head down.

"And why is that?"she asked lifting my head up to look in her eyes.

"My mum is a muggle and my dad is a muggle too. Since this is my first year they got the letter, but thought it was a prank, so they ignored it. Then when the headmaster actually came down this morning he said it wasn't a pranks. So by the time we got my wand and books and robes the train had already left."

"Ok, I'll take you to the headmaster and we will place you."she said leading me onto the staircase, and saying dragonlust. She hopped on with me and the bird started moving upward.

The End

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