Noah: riddles and sidekicksMature

I was literally about to drop as I climbed the stairs towards Ravenclaw tower. The 'Welcome back' feast always had dragged on and after eating the most I've ever eaten, I was ready to drop onto my bed and fall straight to sleep. 

Bart had already gone up before the feast had fully ended, to check his room to make sure no nargles had infested it over the summer. I had no idea what nargles were, but I hadn't asked for an explanation. He often came out with random creatures that tended not to actually exist.

At first I had assumed that he just made it up to sound more interesting, but last summer I had met his mother. When Luna had first saw me, she had searched my ears for wrackspurts. He definitely took after her. 

A familiar door appeared ahead, with a bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle in the centre. I knocked once and watched as the eagle's beak opened. 

"I can fly like a bird, not in the sky," it began, in a musical voice. "I say goodbye at night and morning, hi. I'm part of you. I follow and lead as you pass, dress yourself in black, my darkness lasts. I flee the light but without the sun, your view of me would be gone. What am I" 

I sighed, when it finished. Unlike other house's, to get into the Ravenclaw common room you didn't need a password. Instead, it asked a riddle and all you had to do was answer it. There had been many a time I'd had to stand outside stuck, waiting for someone to come who would know it. 

And tonight I really couldn't be bothered. Thankfully this was an easy one. 

"My shadow" I said aloud, and the eagle winked. The door swung open.

I ignored the other students stood around the circular common room and made my way over to the statue of Rowena Ravenclaw. She stood by the two doors leading off to both of the dormitories. I took the left one and soon enough found my self in my cosy room. 


Sat on the end bed was a short, plump boy named Trevor. I smiled over. 

"Hey. How's your summer been?" I asked, stripping from my uniform. He lay back on his bed and shrugged. 

"Okay, can't complain. Yours?" 

"Same really. Glad to be back." 

I lay down on my bed, as my other two room mates walked in. Rudolf and Ronan, identical twins, were probably the most brainiest Ravenclaws this school had ever seen apart from Rowena herself. 

"Noah, Trevor!"

"Long time."

"No see!" 

They also had an irritating habit of finishing each other's sentences. 

"Guess who we just saw?" Rudolf said, sitting on his bed. "Malfoy, snivelling behind Guinevere again. Looked like they were on their way to their common room." 

"He might as well have climbed onto her back, how close he was." Ronan added. 

I laughed. "I doubt Guinevere would be to happy with that. I'm surprised she spends as much time with him as she does. Strange family." 

"She's hot though." Trevor said, silencing the room.

"Okay, goodnight Trevor." Ronan said, turning his back. 

"What?" Trevor said defensively. "She is! Not all Slytherins are dogs you know." 

Rudolf just shook his head at him and turned around. I almost laughed again at Trevor's expression. He was right. She was good looking. But there was something about her that didn't seem right. I'd never actually seen her without a vacant expression on her face, but some of the rumours I'd heard about her... well I certainly wouldn't go there after hearing them. 

"She's not the only one with a small sidekick at her heels all the time anyway." Trevor spat. "Hows Bart doing these days?" 

"Too far, Trevor." I said, raising my eyebrows. I climbed under my covers, ignoring his silent mutterings. 

I hoped he didn't repeat that. The last thing I wanted was for others to start calling Bart my sidekick. 

Within minutes, I was fast asleep. 


The End

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