Lazurus- The Shocking TruthMature

The boys dormitory, or as I like to call it...Hell. No matter how much sway Guinevere may have had, she had no idea or power to control what went on in here. If it wasn't obviated by the name, let me explain's the BOYS dormitory...Guinevere is a GIRL. No girls ever enter the boy’s dormitory and vice versa.

Missuse lounged on my corner bed, before squealing and quickly jumping onto the floor, hissing hysterically at the mattress like it was a giant spider or something nasty.

"What's wrong, girl?" I asked, gently lifting her in my arms. I reached out for the covers. She nimbly pounced on my palm and gave a small, week bite forcing me to withdraw. There was something on my bed.

"Think of it as a 'welcome home' present." Zachery Kettleman. If this dorm were hell, he'd be Satin. Tall, broad and muscular, he was everything I wanted to be, and the one Slytherinite I personally feared more than any other. I ground my teeth. "Go on...sit on it. You'll have to someday, though I personally think you'd make better on the floor...perhaps a bit too dirty for it though." He sniggered.

I began to think. Missuse was completely unharmed. Whatever he did to the mattress could did not cause enough damage to leave a bodily scar. Then again, that Missuse would go to the level of biting me so as to make sure I didn't touch it…maybe the pain was internal? It could be cramps...but then Missuse would still be reeling from it. Something that causes pain, but no damage…pain…pain…pain…I went pale. I knew what it was. Shocks...could he have cursed it, using an Shocking Curse…highly likely.

I flicked out my wand. I could see his lips curl. Even he knew that I was far better with a wand than he would ever be. I simply have to undo the curse and be happy.

"Little shit!" He muttered. With one bound he crossed the floor, grabbed onto my arms and locked them behind my back. I forgot...he'd go to any extent not to fail. Missuse sunk her small, sharp teeth into his ankle. "Ow!" He growled as he slammed the little black cat into the wall. I heard her soft whimpers uicky turn to hysterical hissing. Good...she wasn't hurt. "What happened there, Malfoy? Don't like my present much?" He growled.  

Before I could answer, he slammed me against the cotton sheets. Within a split second, sudden pain speared threw my muscles. I could hear him burst into a rawr of laughter as I wriggled on the bed. It was mortifying. I screamed. I screamed like a girl, but I had to scream. It was like a million little needles bursting into your back in a single second. It was excruciating…though they’ve put me through worse. Luckily, the more painful it is, the less the duration.  

It was over in fifteen seconds. I could hear the chorus of laughter as everyone, even boys in their underwear, had come to see the great show. It was hilariously funny to see a skinny little boy spazing about all over his bed scream like a little girl. Well...hilarious for everyone who wasn't me... or Missuse for that matter.

I slid off the bed, and stretched out my hands as Missuse climbed slowly into them, rubbing her soft fur against my arm to comfort me. God, how I wish I could run away and be somewhere I mattered. I chuckled as I slowly stopped myself from shaking...this was just a slight preview. I looked up and wondered what Guinevere would think if she knew the truth...she'd hate me for sure...but she'd hate them more. No matter how much I hated these monsters...I wouldn't wish Guinevere's punishment on any liveing creature.

The End

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