Guinevere: A Bit Like FateMature

There were few things as exquisite as the great hall of Hogwarts, with its massive windows and enchanted ceiling. The masses were all shuffled in like animals, like prisoners. My eyes were scanning the room, taking in every last detail. One had to be aware of their surroundings; anyone might be an enemy.

It sickened me the way they preached of peace, of equality and prosperity for all in the wizarding world. As if all the evil had died out with the Dark Lord. But there couldnt be goodness left if the evil wasnt there to counter it. There would never be light without the shadows to creep in around the edges.

My robes billowed about me as I took my place among the rest of the Slytherins. Most of them were smirking wildly, though a few did look rather somber. I could hear the rowdy cheers coming from the house of Gryffindor. Whatever they had to be so proud about, I'd simply never understand.

Lazurus dropped onto the bench beside me. I smiled down at him first, then deigned to acknowledge the rest of my peers. Across the wide table, a girl with teased blonde hair and a bubblegum smile was looking rather bored. Nissa Parkinson threw me a look of understanding, like she knew what it was like to be in my place. She had no fucking idea.

I ignored her, and was set on doing the same in regards to the rest of the damn school, when an all too familiar voice rang out above the raucous. "Silence!" He demanded. "Silence, please, everyone. Welcome to another wonderful year at Hogwarts."

None of us could help ourselves from turning our attention to Professor Orrick Penley, who, if nothing else, was a man of much wit and charm. The History professor had been with Hogwarts for the past six years, but this was only his second serving as headmaster. Even I had to admit that he was doing a rather good job of holding the place down. In a world where blood was everything, and the past defined us even more than what was to come, Professor Penley was shaping the youth that would bring the future.

"Now, then," he pressed on, further into a speech I barely heard. "For the sorting!"

As eager young faces dashed up to sit beneath the sorting hat, a crumbled old thing that saw clear into their hearts, I let my gaze wander on its own. It wasnt long before it fell upon a certain golden haired boy sitting a ways down from me. Maddox, his name, like a snake whispering right into my ear, sent a chill creeping up my spine. It wasnt until Lazurus placed a hand upon my shoulder that I tore my stare from his body, leaned forward as his own amber gaze darted between the first years and something I couldnt quite decipher. 

"It's time to go," Lazurus murmured. I shook my head a little to clear any unwarrented thoughts. With a quick nod I was on my feet, ready to face another year at Hogwarts, and whatever new fantasies might spring to life.

The End

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