Charlie Hicks- A Colourful New StartMature

I hopped onto the train, begging the gods with all my hope it wouldn't start going with one of my feet on the platform. Of course, it never did.

Smiling to myself, I shuffled down the corridor, dragging my oversized suitcase, no, much better for it, my chest behind me, catching my feet on it every few seconds. I guess it's not really surprising my case is so big, I have way too much stuff to bring. Partly because my mother is convinced that winter at Hogwarts is like a new Ice Age(not denying it though, Hufflepuff Dorms are underground and freezing!).

But my case was lighter than it looked, my mother was so set on the idea I needed lots of spare uniforms and casual clothes that my dad needed to put a spell on it, to make inside bigger. He said he'd teach me it when I was of age. Not that it'll help much, I'm a failure at magic. A disappointment to my fathers side of the family. My elder brother and younger sister are both genius's and I'm always being told, "Why can't you be more like Olivia or Robert, Charlotte? Why?''

I sighed and carried on, pulling my too-large case with me. Peeking into each compartment to discover any free spaces.

'Oi! Hicks!'

'Yes?' I turned around to find something be tossed onto my head. It had a strong odour, much alike to one of nail varnish. I sneezed and more hair than usual flipped over my head as I leaned forward, hand pinching my nose. I slowly went back to my full height and squeaked in horror, picking up a strand of my hair.

'Haha! Happy new term, Hicks!' I realised the voice was Jackson Daniels, a boy two years my senior and in the Hufflepuff Quiddich team, a chaser. I was a fill in chaser, for when the team was a chaser down.

'It's... it's bright pink! Jackson! Reverse it! Now!! Jackson!!' I shrieked, I was about to chase after him. But knew it wasn't worth the effort. I pouted and hung my head low, peeking through the pink mane to check the compartments.

I saw one completely seat, the two opposite occupied by a pair; one with annoyingly messy mouse-brown hair and the other with a shoulder-length cut of white locks. Grumbling to myself, I slid the door open. They both looked at me in surprise.

'What's with the hair...?' The white-haired boy asked.

'Weasly Joke Shop prank...' I explained, the two boys nodded knowingly and turned back to their conversation. I knew the long journey would be hard to endure without being able to sit with friends. The two were wearing their Ravenclaf uniforms and I did not intend to associate myself with a pair of know-it-alls. Not matter how scruffy they looked.

Grumbling to myself again, I bumped my head against the window, watching as the train started chugging along the railtracks.

The End

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