Noah: Goodbyes and HellosMature

"Son, are you sure you're supposed to go through there? I just don't see how." 

I shook my head at my father's confused expression as he stared up at the brick wall in between platform nine and ten. Any other muggle, and I would have understood his bewilderment. But he'd been bringing me to Kings Cross Station for six years now. 

"It's not like you've never seen me do this before, dad." I said, rolling my eyes. He ignored me and placed his palm onto the wall. I turned from him, just in time to catch the look of amusement flash across my mothers face. 

She was a muggle too, but she'd been more accepting when I'd found out what I was. She'd been shocked when I'd received the first letter, yeah, but afterwards she had told me that it made sense really. I'd been a pretty weird child, and to her this seemed like a good explanation. 

"Leave him to it, Noah." she said to me, smirking slightly. "Let him wonder." 

She reached out to wipe away a non-existent smudge on my prefects badge. Anyone else, and I would have moved away. But it made her happy to think that she still had to look after me. 

"You're such a handsome boy, yet you don't help yourself." she scolded, as she glanced at my un-tucked shirt, and messy hair. I laughed at her.

"Mum, please." I said. Then I pulled her into a tight hug. I was a mummy's boy at heart, and I wasn't half going to miss her. "Have fun while I'm gone. Don't let dad bore your socks off again, okay?" 

She laughed, and nodded. "I hope to get no disturbing owl post while you're away this time again, okay? Be good, for once." 

"I will." I said with a wink, then I gripped the trolley with my case on it, said my goodbyes to my dad and then walked straight into the brick wall.

Seconds later I was on platform nine and three quarters, with the Hogwarts Express waiting for me. Wizarding families from all over the country were stood around, waving their children off as they piled onto the train. Mothers were crying, children were screaming, toads were croaking. I was back at last! 


I looked over towards one of the carts, and saw a head of white hair hanging out of the window. Bart's huge grin was beaming at me and he was waving madly for me to join him. I made my way over.

"Hey, how's summer been?" I asked, pushing my case through the door. He leant forward and lifted it up for me.

"Great! Mum took me to Africa in search of Crumple-horned Snorkacks." He told me. I nodded, not having the faintest idea what that was. 

"Any luck?" I asked. 

"Nah, but we got loads of great stuff for the next season of the Quibbler. And you?" 

I shrugged. "The usual." 

Bartholomew Scamander was starting his fourth year this year, yet he hadn't made that many friends since he first came. He came across as a little strange to most people and had become kind of the Ravenclaw joke. I'd stopped a few fourth years levitating him once and he'd stuck to me ever since. Not that I minded. 

"I've got to make my way up to the prefect's cabin." I told him, and I felt guilty as his smile dropped. "I'll meet up later okay?"

I promised myself that I would return as soon as I could. Leaving Bart in an empty cabin was a bad idea. It wasn't fair really, he was a good kid at heart. 

He nodded happily. "Sure thing." 

I made my way down the corridor, greeting other pupils a long the way. There seemed to be a lot of new first years, which would be interesting. 

Then again, Hogwarts always was. 



The End

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