Lazurus- SmallMature

I liked her...Guinevere kept me safe. I liked the ability to be arrogant, to smirk and act like a giant. When I was with her, no one dared touch me... It's those few, and yet long hours in the common room without her, which I dreaded...I was too small then.

My name was well known amongst wizarding families, for good and bad reasons...though it seemed the "Malfoy" name was more notorious than anything else. My father was a strong man, he had the entire Slytherin house in his iron fist, and he had them under his one dared challenge him. He rarely ever speaks to me, but I wanted to be like him, to have control, power, arrogance but instead, I was me. I was a rat in a serpent’s world. Pushed, thrown about, slapped, used as a practice cushion, that was me. No respect; no strength. I was just small.

I never told Guinevere about how they treated matter how unfeeling she may have been, if she found out about this, all those people who hurt me would be destroyed...painfully. Not for my sake, no, but to reinstate her own authority. I was her family. To her, it is an insult to her family and she took family very seriously.

No matter how she seemed, her company was a comfort. As one of the only children who hated going back to Hogwarts, she gave me a little hope.

I sighed, following Guinevere deep into the train, to a small dark cabin. We sat alone, mainly in silence. I kept my eyes low, looking away as the others entered. I didn't want to see them. The sudden purring of a cat caught my attention. Missuse, my tiny black pixie-cat had decided to crawl on the train. She greeted Guinevere with an affectionate rub, before hoping on my lap and curling into a little ball. I stroked her black fur softly, and listened to her sweet purr.

Missuse suited me well. She was a small cat, barely larger than my palm, and I was a small person, small in build, in strength and small in personality...we were both small. I turned my gaze to the door, they watched me, smiling cruelly, reminding me that no matter what, this year was going to be as painful as the ones before. Since year one, I was secretly called "The Ginny Pig," all charms and spells whether painful or not (as long as they were not fatal) would be tested on me...this year would be exactly the same.

I had been transfigured, petrified, stupefied, babbled, bedazzled, coloured up, confounded, frozen and barbecued ; been given pigs tails, dogs ears, turtle shells and mermaid fins for as long as I could remember… and this year would be no different.

Guinevere's gaze silently fell onto the door as Missuse's loud and clear hiss ran through the room. The minute her stare touched the faces of those creatures, they contorted into pale, cold dread. I smiled as I hushed Missuse. She then shifted a skeptical glance in my direction. I smiled sweetly. She knew something was wrong, for a long time now...just not what it could be. That’s why I enjoyed her company...she didn't know I was small.

The End

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