Return to the DarkMature

The explosion knocked Jester off his feet. The air was suddenly filled with dark magic and smoke as terrible, dark creatures swarmed into the room. He was blinded, but somewhere nearby he heard Ana cough, there were other exclamations from the others, but Jester didnt register them as Ana helped him stand. A bolt of blue lighting lit up the room for an instant and the creatures became visible.

The battle that followed drowned out all coherent thought from his head as instinct and training took over. Jester leapt onto the back of a creature attacking it with claws and teeth as he changed form too quickly to identify. The creature fell and another quickly took its place, and it soon fell too.

But not all were able to be taken so quickly. A massive creature with even larger claws grabbed him by the throat and he thrashed around, kicking and squirming. One claw cut into his skin and the pain--

"Ahh!" Jester cried, struggling further. A bolt of power, Ana's power, hit the beast, and it doubled over backwards, letting go. Jester dropped free and they locked eyes, it was only for half a second, but there was power in that glance. It was also a distraction they couldnt afford. A second massive creature barreled into the human girl, knocking all the breath out of her body. Jester could hear the whoosh as the creature wrapped a hand around her neck, choking her, squeezing the last of the air out.

"No!" Jester yelled, leaping at the assailant. He rained down kicks and punches, human by instinct, he had no claws. Just as he reached for his knife though, the creature reached around, letting go of Ana and Jester saw the glint of razor sharp, silver claws. Jester screamed, he barely recognized it as his own scream. The everything went dark.

Pain. All Jester could feel was pain. Fire in his chest. Make it stop! It wouldn't stop. This was it. This was the last. He tried to open his eyes. See Ana, one more time. He couldn't. It was too dark. Jester didn't like the dark. Not after being in the light. The light was good. It had Ana. Ana was good. Even though she hurt Jester. He could see her. She was beautiful. Her long hair, flowing down her back as she stood, trying to defend herself. Her dark eyes, her perfect skin. The Cold Eyed One couldnt have it. Jester would protect her. She was close. He could feel it. He could see her face hovering over his, her hair forming a curtain around them. Behind her dark shapes moved. His eyes closed again. The movement was too see.

"Heal" She whispered. Jester coughed. His eyes opened again, slowly, but then, wider. He groaned, he was sore all over.

"Ana?" He murmered, feeling her fingers on his chest. She'd healed him. Jester was alive, because of her. Then, a scream, from the succubus.

"DEMRIN!" Jester turned to see the warlock battling with a monster bigger and stronger than all the others. It was as powerful as the Cold Eyed One, but not as powerful as the Evil that lay in the container in the warehouse. Demrin thought it was the Evil. They all thought it was the true Evil. The one that wanted to destroy all Supernaturals, until it was the only one left. The one that Jester had nearly helped to create. 

"No!" Jester ran forward, but it was too late. The wizard had sacrificed himself to be rid of the monster. All the other creatures vanished, running away back to their master. But it was too late. Demrin had died, destroying the wrong monster.

Calla was screaming, swearing. Jester knew she was upset about the warlocks death, so he stayed back. He would keep the secret. Best to let them think he died for the right purpose. Ana slipped her hand into his, and Jester squeezed it gently.

"Is this the end?" Ana asked, her voice small, tired.

"No, darling, I fear this is only the beginning." Adder replied, still holding on to Calla. Jester nodded, unable to say anything.

"DEMRIN IS DEAD!" Calla screamed. "And you say this isn't over?! He just sacrificed his life for us! Are you saying he did that for nothing?!" Adder shook his head, as the succubus tore herself out of his grip and started to back away. The vampire reached for her, but there was no hope in his stance. Jester could only hold Ana's hand a little tighter and watch this terrible scene unfold.

"Calla, I swear that's not what I mean...." Adder tried to say." I just..." The succubus stood frozen for second, then without warning there was a resounding crack as Calla slapped the vampire across the face. It left a red mark on Adders cheek as he stood there, rejected. "Calla..." he whimpered, still trying to console her.

"Leave me &!&$ing alone!" She snarled. "I don't want to talk to you!" With those stinging words she spun and ran further into the house. Jester assumed she'd find a bedroom somewhere and fall down on the bed to cry in peace.

"Ana...Jester....I...need to be...alone." Adder whispered, biting his wrist as he left the room. Jester only watched as he left, leaving the two alone among the chaos of the battleground.

"Ana. I'm sorry all this had to happen to you." Jester said, trying to break the silence.

"Its okay." Ana said. "Its not your fault." She was tired, it was easy to see. It seemed Jesters hand in hers was the only thing keeping her upright. He pushed her gently towards the stairs.

"Thank you, for, you know, saving my life." He said. "It must have exhausted you. Go rest, I'll clean up this mess." Ana smiled and moved towards the stairs, Jester watched her until she'd turned a corner, then looked at the mess. "This was only the first battle." He muttered. "I wish I could tell them that the Evil one is still in London." He found the broom and mop in a closet under the stairs and started to clean up the mess. "I wish I could tell them that Adder is more right than he thinks."

The End

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