Without HerMature

Adder spun around in the sudden explosion and frey, Calla....where was she? Was she hurt? 

"Calla! Calla!" He screamed for her as a demon clawed his arm. He turned and latched his fangs in the demons throat. The taste was horrid, acrid and bitter. It was like biting into death itself. His fangs clenched in even harder, perhaps it was death...Then again, Adder was already dead. All around him his friends battled to the death, clawing and fighting as the necromancers forces disappeared. The black tendrils of shadow pulling away like forceful claws.

The demon burst into a pool of black and fizzled away, allowing the vampire to run to his lover. Just as he took off across the battlefield, his eyes caught sight of Demrin. What was the fool doing? A Shadow orb forming around him as he sprinted towards the evil one, the shadow grew around him, shaking violently, as if it were an earthquake.  

"Demrin, don't do it!" Adder shouted, as the warlock jumped and landed atop the Evil one looking to Calla, lost and forlorn. Before anyone could move the shadow burst into and the warlock's body fell slack. The light in his eyes were gone, they had gone dark. 

"DEMRIN!" Calla screamed. Adder felt himself freeze, locked into place as silence overcame them. The vampire took off across the room, dodging debris and fallen bodies. Calla was soon in his reach and he wanted nothing more than to let her go. His hands first gripped her arm them she curled into his embrace. She was safe in his arms, nothing could hurt her.

But then his eyes flew open, Calla was gone, ripped from my arms and across the room. She collapsed onto her knees at Demrin's side, her fingers latching around his. But it was too late, no one could save him. The warlock, the one who had saved them and risked everything....was gone. 

"He didn't fucking deserve this!" Calla shrieked in a wave of hysteria. "He did this for us, and for what? We're nothing without him. We cant win this without him!"

"Calla." Adder came to her side, his hand gently squeezing her shoulder. What would it take for Demrin to muster such courage, to sacrifice himself? Adder winced, he doubted that he would have such courage or will. As Calla's eyes turned up, his heart fractured. They way her beautiful eyes lost hope and were caught behind a whirlpool of tears. Adder swallowed the lump in his throat and held out his hand. He had to help her, after all, they were lovers. Her fingers slowly reached into his and he pulled to his chest. Hugging her close as she sobbed.  Oh, Calla, he snuggled against her neck. 

"It's alright, love," Adder whispered into his hair. His body was tense against hers with all the words in the world bursting to get out. Yet nothing seemed right to say So they just stood there; lovers lost in emotions, words, and each other's embrace.  own. Nothing but time around them seemed to move in the blood soaked disaster that had once been Adder's old home. 

"Is this the end?" Ana said eventually in a voice so small I barely heard it.

Adder shook his and nuzzled against Calla."No, darling, I fear this is only the beginning."

"DEMRIN IS DEAD! And you say this isn't over?! He just sacrificed his life for us! Are you saying he did that for nothing?!" Adder shook his head, they were both crying now, Calla backing away and Adder trying to reach out for her. 

"Calla, I swear that's not what I mean....I just..." Calla froze where she was, grimacing. Then without warning her hand reached out and struck the vampire across the face. The lash of her hand created a burning red mark across his cheek and leaving his jaw in spasms of pain. "Calla..." he called, voice quiet and strangled by a half whimper. 

"Leave me fucking alone!" She snarled, eyes flashing. "I don't want to talk to you!" With that she spun and stalked into the house. Adder winced and fell to his knees, he knew that she was hurt an broken but what made it worse was that she didn't confide in him. No, she ran away, leaving him to sob and whimper alone....like life had always been. 

"Ana...Jester....I...need to be...alone." Adder whispered, his fangs latching into his wrist to suppress a scream. It was stunning how life had come together and fallen apart so fast. 

The End

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