Demrin sighed. The others were relying on him, as usual. What he had said to Adder was true; they were likely already on the way, coming to kill them. The explosion came from nowhere.

Demrin was thrown back against a wall. He shook dust from himself and looked to the doorway. Three figures stood there, and many more poured in around them, coming in waves. Demrin fired lightning at the figures in the door, knowing that if he killed Scott, the demons would die. Pouring more and more strength in, he attempted to push them back, but it did nothing. He was losing strength.

The silver dagger slipped from his sleeve and he met Scott’s slash head on. He swiped at the second figure; The Black Assassin, and at the third; The Evil One. Scott pummelled him with shadow magic, tossing him back into the wall again. Loose brick fell down around him. He shook himself off and stood again. He felt an aura of shadow surround him. He would have to use it again.

The Evil One launched itself at him, and he slashed at it with the dagger, while also blasting it with shadow. He unleashed several shadow and fireballs straight at the necromancer then, each one throwing Scott back as he blocked. Demrin slashed at the necromancer, piercing his flesh with the blade. Scott roared in pain.

“Why did you kill him John, why? We were best friends, and you fucking betrayed me!”

Demrin slashed repeatedly, tearing Scott’s flesh, until a hand grabbed him by the neck and yanked him off. He was thrown once again into the wall. When he stood again, his knees shook. He glanced around. Scott was fleeing through the open door, his demons following him. It didn’t make much of a difference, The Black Assassin’s and The Evil One’s demons remained still, fighting the other members of his party. Calla was locked in battle with one, Adder with another, rolling around on the floor as they fought. Ana was throwing demons back with ease, using that mysterious mental power of hers. Jester was fighting another.

Demrin turned his attention back to his own fights. The Evil One was circling, while he and The Black Assassin faced off. Their blades met in a flurry of motion, back and forth, parry and attack. Balls of shadow flew from both of their free hands, colliding in mid-air, sending shockwaves around the room. Mirrors shattered, tables splintered, walls collapsed. Still they fought on.

Darkness began clouding Demrin’s vision. He was getting extremely weak; he would not be able to keep up the fight for long. He pressed forward, pushing the assassin back as The Evil One looked on, snarling. Demrin combined a blast of shadow, fire water and wind, and hurled it at the assassin. It threw the shadow warrior back, hurling him through a wall, then tossing him back through the gap and smashing him into the ground. Demrin rushed forward, evading a slash of The Evil One’s claw, and plunged his silver dagger through The Black Assassin’s chest. He sreamed, an unearthly howl as the metal slipped through his body, and his flesh began to melt. The Black Assassin was dissolving in front of Demrin’s eyes, becoming no more than a puddle of black gunk. A retched smell emanated from it, causing Demrin’s eyes to water, adding to the darkness which had now almost completely obscured his vision.

Demrin stood, and his head spun, nausea setting in. He vomited, a long thick stream of it. As he rose again, The Evil One launched itself at him, claws raking his face. Demrin screamed and plunged his dagger into the beast. It passed through the thing’s side, not doing enough damage to turn it to mulch. The beast did retreat for a moment though, giving Demrin the chance to take in how his group was faring.

Calla and Adder fought on, a number of demons surrounding them. Several piles of black gunk scattered about the room, remnants of The Black Assassin’s demons no doubt. Through his rapidly declining vision, he saw Ana with her hand over Jester’s chest. She was attempting to heal him. A new horde of demons was arriving; more of The Evil One’s minions come to play. They couldn’t withstand this kind of attack. Demrin had to do something, and fast.

Suddenly, it came to him. He had to destroy The Evil One, he was going to die anyway, he knew it. He knew the others would be near lost without him, but he suspected one of them at least would step up and lead the others after he was gone.

Standing now, his vision all but gone, Demrin formed an orb of shadow around himself. He ran and jumped at The Evil One, clutching onto it tightly. The shadow grew around him, shaking violently, as if it were an earthquake. He glanced about and saw Calla staring at him. The last thing he heard before the shadow exploded, vaporising The Evil One was her scream, “DEMRIN!” He crumpled to the ground in a heap, the lights dying in his eyes. He was gone. 

The End

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