Tricky ManeuversMature

Running through the streets, back to the warehouse. The cold eyed one stood in the room, facing the Dark in its container. Without looking as Jester approached, he struck him across the face, knocking the shapeshifter to the ground.

"How dare you come back!" He spat, turning, the cold eyes flashing with fire. "You ae useless! pathetic! You cant even manage to ensnare a human girl and take her for her skin!" Jester cowered on the floor, rubbing his bruised cheek. Shadows swirled, blocking out the light.

"Please!" Jester cried. "I cant go back to the dark!"

"You have disappointed me, and I do not give second chances." The cold eyed one said, directing the shadows to close in. "You are expendable."

"Please!" Jester tried again, but it was to no avail. The shadows closed in, so Jester closed his eyes, and became a shadow himself, blending with the crowd he swirled to fill the gap.  The cold eyed one dispersed the shadows and looked at his handiwork. There was no sign of the shape shifter.


After that, Jester had escaped, turned back into a human, and had promptly run into Ana and Adder, facing off. Jester had pulled the vampire away from the human girl and stood in front of her.

"I remember him mentioning keeping away for special occasions." The words still stung, even now, as they all stood in the warlocks apartment, waiting for the ritual that would take them all to a mansion near Paris.

The warlock spoke words in a strange language, deep and powerful sounding, his green eyes flashed with power as magic filled the room. No one else seemed to notice it surrounding them. It grew in concentration until Jester could hardly see anything but the magic, the good magic, that Demrin was weaving. The air sizzled with energy and then, in a blink, the entire group moved. There was the sound of air rushing out of the way as they appeared, then everything seemed normal.

They stood in a large foray, the floor was covered in red carpet, and an ebony piano stood in the corner. Jester smiled, the spell had worked, Adders trail hung faintly in the air, he hadnt been here in a long time, and of the rest of the group there was no sign. Jester ran a hand through his hair, that hadnt been as bad as he'd thought.

The End

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