The Black DahliaMature


Adder stared down at the human girl, Ana, as she sobbed. Her breathing was sharp, almost painful. By the way she had bust in, he could tell that Ana was horribly torn up over something. "My brother..." She continued, more tears pooling on her clothes. "He's joined up with Scott. He tried to kill me."  Calla gasped, causing the vampire to tighten his grip on her shoulder. 

"We need to go," he said. "We need to go now." Ana sat on the floor crying and shaking her head as if she couldn't believe what had just happened. How could Adder blame her though, she had to be in pain, finding out that one of her own belonged to Scott. Just like how Calla had acted when the Vampire admitted to being on Scott's side, at least until he met her.

"Where are we going to go?" Calla demanded slightly bitter. Adder growled and led Calla to Demrin, setting her next to the warlock, he hugged her close.

"Calm down, I think I know a place, just a hop over the channel and a few thousand miles." Demrin raised an eyebrow at him and Calla leaned away a bit.

"Where?" the warlock asked.

"Paris, you don't live almost 300 years without picking up property around the world. It's a lovely mansion in the French countryside. Would your magic be able to get us there?" Demrin sighed and sat up a bit, his eyes flicked back and forth as me mouthed some words. No on could quite tell what he was thinking about until he spoke up. 

"'s possible but I'll need some time to get the ritual ready." Adder nodded, nuzzling Calla close to his body. His hunger reared it's head again, making the vampire groan and growl. Calla stroked his head and he released a sigh, his ears suddenly picking up the unusual silence. Wasn't the human just here? She was sobbing way to loud to go so quiet. The vampire stole a gaze over his shoulder and saw that Ana had slipped out of the apartment, the door barley cracked. 

Stupid Girl! Adder looked to Demrin, giving him a charging stare. "I'll buy you some time, get working on that ritual. Calla I need you to stay here and help him." Calla opened her mouth to protest but Adder kissed her passionately, battling her tongue in her mouth. "Calla," he hummed pulling away from her lips. "Please stay with Demrin, if my own battle with Scott is any clue...I can't protect you. Stay here. Demrin, if she gets help me god, I will suck your body empty!" The warlock nodded took Calla over to living room. 

Adder turned and was instantly out on the sidewalk in front of the apartments. His feet moved silently across the concrete, tasting the air for the human's scent. Her smell was distinct, allowing the vampire to follow her further and further into the seedy underbelly of London. Pressing himself to the Shadows, Adder discovered the human girl. She was wandering around, like she was looking for something...or someone.  Within a blink of an eye Adder had her pressed against the exterior of the  factory, a low rumble passing his lips. 

"Foolish girl! Did you think you'd find your brother out here?!" Ana gasped and cringed a bit, her eyes puffy and red. The clothing she wore was stained with tear trails and the edges were slightly frayed. 

"I was just...looking for..." Adder's grip tightened on her throat as his eyes focused on her tremoring vein, the past two times he had fed off of her came rushing to his mind. How her blood ran so freely, how deliciously hot it was. The vampire's jaw lowered a bit, exposing the tips of his fangs. He hadn't fed since Calla had offered herself to him, she was lucky she hadn't taken her life. 

"I...I can...kill you!" Ana shot back, sounding brave. Adder chuckled and pushed his face in hers.  

"I can kill you too, so I guess we're at a stalemate. But still, why come looking for your brother? I was once on Scott's side and I promise you, the only way you leave his employment is in a body bag." Ana's eyes welled with tears.

"Let her go!" A cold voice snarled from behind Adder. The vampire looked to his left, smiling when he noticed the shapeshifter.

"Now why would I do that?" Adder taunted. "She stumbled here, into my hands. I was just retrieving her. We're leaving London and she's coming with us, after all she is Demrin's apprentice." Ana struggled a bit to allow herself more room to breath.

"I haven't made that decision," she snapped back. When Adder looked back to the human, Jester grabbed his collar and tossed the Vampire away from Ana. The shapeshifter stood in front of her, making sure that Adder wouldn't see her.

"Isn't that cute," Adder snarled. "Why protect her, I know you wanted to kill me not long ago Jester. Tell me, are you still working for Scott. I remember him mentioning keeping away for special occasions." Jester bristled. 

"I no longer work for the cold eyed one. He wanted you dead, all of you, I couldn't do that. Not to you, Calla, Demrin....or you Ana." Jester looked softly at the human. Adder gaged, standing and dusting himself off. " don't know what he's planning, what he's about to bring back to this world." 

The vampire grimaced, what more could Scott do besides use his powers and the Black Assassin? "So what your changing sides?" Adder sneered. "You saw what that got me, if not for Demrin's loyalty to Calla...I'd be dead. What would make you jump sides so easily, without hesitation that you might be killed?!"

Jester frowned and looked to the ground, eventually taking a deep breath and looking up. "What made you switch sides, Vampire?" Adder felt taken aback by the question, it was something that he hadn't really pondered.  Why had he left....racking his brain Adder thought hard, his gaze snapping to Jester when he realized why. 

"I...I ran away for Calla...because I loved her, I...didn't want her to get hurt." Adder's voice was quiet, almost airy, his crimson eyes lingered on Ana's shadow. Interesting...So love is your motivation. "Listen...we're leaving right now, both of you come with me. Demrin has a ritual to get us out of London." With that Adder took off running, Ana and Jester following right behind. 

The End

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