Jester shifted uncomfortably in his seat at the booth table he and Ana had claimed. Ana was still anxious for her friend, the succubus. It was easy to tell, the perfect figure, the style of clothing. Jester could see it without even relying on his second sight to do it. Still, if Ana went up there, she would face the vampire, and instead of missing death by inches, she may just hit it full on this time. It was too close for comfort, even here. Another shift, Jester was restless, unable to do anything.

Jester was nervous around the vampire. He was covered by a sheild, a magic more powerful than just normal vampiracy. He was protected by something, and Jester didnt know what. Shapeshifters couldnt be killed by many things, they healed almost instantly, but a vampire can dig his fangs in and drain a shapeshifters body dry, the swift healing only prevented any blood from escaping the vampires intended use. Jester had been trained to kill such creatures, but this one could not be killed by normal means. And whoever had attacked him knew those means. And if they knew how to kill the protected ones, how could they kill those who were unprotected.

People like Ana. Apparently, she had power of her own. Power that was invisible to Jesters second sight. All he could see of her was that she was human, her dark eyes showed only concern for her friends. There were no flashes of power, as those with magic often had, particularly when experiencing strong emotion. This quiet, impatient concern did not reveal any mysteries. She was a mystery. Jester smiled at the thought of finally uncovering the solution.

The vampire came down the stairs just then, glancing at the two sitting at the table, then moved on towards the door, eyes hungry, but apparently, controlled. Jester stood up.

"You can go to your friends now, Ana." He said seriously. "I-" He hesitated.

"What?" Ana asked, standing up too.

"I have to talk to- to-" He stopped again, Ana gave him a "go on" look. "My-guardian." He finally got out. "About-something important." With those halting words, Jester fled towards his home.

The End

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