Vista of Blood and FeelingsMature


"You need blood," Adder weakly listened to Calla say. "You need to feed, now."
 She was making a decision that could kill her and that, Adder did not want that at all. As his mind drifted to the thought of blood, his body began to burn and cry for the substance.

The pain it caused made white spots flicker across his vision. His fangs ached and his eyes filled with a red color, making the whites of his eyes disappear. He winced at her, through his hunger blinded vision, Calla still looked as delicate as a white rose. She was a stealer of souls and yet she looked so innocent, so kind, a devil in disguise. 

Then his hunger struck again, causing another tremor to pulse through his body and limbs. Calla was beginning to smell delicious, her heartbeat drummed loudly in his ears. She was about to offer herself to him, his lover....

"Calla..." The succubus snapped back at him, trying to show that while she might have been scared, she would do anything for him. Adder admired her bravery, but in his current state he'd be lucky if she lived. 

"Just shut up and do it, Adder. I trust you." It was those three words that wrapped around his heart and squeezed tightly. It was a slight boost to his injured and starved state. Calla moved next to him, letting her body fall at his side. Adder grinned, images of tearing her throat out and drinking deeply flashing in his minds eyes. No...This is Calla. My lover...I can't hurt her! He shook his head, moving to lay atop her body. Her warm blood filled body, waiting to be cracked open like a bottle and drank, froth and all. Adder trailed her fingers across her soft satin skin, leaning his head over her neck. 

His lips brushed against her skin then became more hungry and passionate. Occasionally his tongue flicked out to taste her skin, making him shiver with delight. Strike, drink, Kill! No...not kill, this is Calla! Adder smiled and opened his lips grazing her skin with his fangs, letting them dance across her plump and throbbing vein. The taste on the outside was driving him insane, even the smell, it reminded him of a milk chocolate or dark chocolate nectar. Her blood would be liquid gold. 

After teasing himself with her lifeblood, Adder readied himself to strike. All his instincts told him to make it hard and violent. Let her scream and fight under him, To make her his conquest and take all that she had. Be gentle...this is Calla, the tiny voice said again. 

Finally Adder placed his fangs over top the vein and pushed them in like needles. Instinct again protested to drink quick and take all but his heart and those three words...I trust you, barely gave him control. She whimpered underneath him, but his hands pinned her until the pain wore off.

One thing about a vampires bit, was that it could bring otherworldly pleasure. Adder could tell when her pleasure came, drinking more as she moaned and panted. He wanted to do more, the sound not only increased his hunger but  turned him on. She was the most delicious creature he had ever drank from.

A part of him hoped that they would do this again as his fangs slowly pulled out of the wound and he pressed his palm against it. Calla fell back upon the bed, her body trembling ever so slightly underneath him.

"Oh, Adder," she murmured and Adder cuddled weakly next to her. The amount of blood she had given him would last him through the night and day, allowing him to hunt when his strength returned. He smiled at her, marveling at her audacity as his eyes faded back to normal and his hunger withdrew it's icy grip. The vampire leaned over his lover and kissed the tip of her nose with his bloody lips. 

"I love you." His voice was sincere and kind, displaying his heartfelt love. Calla looked back up to him and smiled. 

"And I love you." The two laid there in bed, still stained with blood from Scott's torture of the vampire. Adder sighed and sat up, pulling Calla with him. 

"I'm starved," Adder groaned softly detecting the familiar scent of human not far off. The thought of it's taste made his mouth water until pain pinched in his body. "Who saved me?" He asked holding his side which still ached from the healing process. Calla leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed sadly. 

"Demirn...he risked his life to save you. He tended your wounds and brought you back from death..." Adder starred at her trying to digest the words that she spoke.

"But why..."Adder whispered to himself. "Calla, I...I want to see him, to thank him." The image Scott had showed him of Demrin murdering Calla flashed into his mind, it was all just a trick. A stupid mirage designed to get Scott what he wanted.

"Need some help?" She teased raising an eyebrow. Adder leaned up and kissed her lips, allowing her to help him stand and limp towards the room Demrin was in. As they moved down the hall, the vampire passed the Shapeshifter and the human with powers,

The End

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