Calla: Night TerrorsMature

I watched with a sort of silent resolute as Adder's eyes slowly fluttered open. His hand was still clenched in my own. I could still feel my heart beating fiercely in my chest.

"Calla?" He whispered groggily. "What happened?"

"Nevermind, love." I leaned in and placed a kiss on his forehead. I didnt realize I was crying until I saw a tear drop onto his perfect, pallid cheek.

Ana had been standing in the doorway for a few moments, along with a man I didnt recognize. Only now did I turn to give them my attention. Now that I was sure Adder was here, with me, where he belonged.

"Is he alright?" Ana asked in a small voice. I nodded, but could not bring myself to speak. My gaze flickered from her face to the crumpled form of my unconscious friend. Demrin had risked his life to save my lover, a man he hated. He'd done it for me.

I would never be able to repay him.

"It isnt safe here anymore." For the first time, the man beside Ana spoke. He was staring nervously at the ground, like he didnt belong there with us. Like he couldnt belong there. "Not for any of you."

Adder groaned beside me, trying to push himself up into a sitting position. I put my hand gently upon his chest, silently telling him to lay still. I knew what he needed, but I also knew that now was not the time. Not with Ana standing in such close proximity.

"I know," I replied to the unfamiliar man. "We must plan our departure. Please- take Demrin to another available room. When he awakens we will decide what to do."

He nodded, coming hesitantly into the room. I watched, emotionless, as he hoisted Demrin up over his shoulders. The warlock had never looked quite so weak to me. Then they were leaving, and Ana was shutting the door behind them.

With the reverberating silence settling around us, I turned to Adder. "You need blood," I told him. "You need to feed, now."

Adder's expression was pained. He was so beautiful, so flawless. But deadly. He was bred to kill, to destroy and steal away life. Just like me. We were not made to be so in love.


"Just shut up and do it, Adder," I snapped, though my face was still smooth and composed. "I trust you."

I let my eyes fall closed, let my body fall lightly into place beside his. Adder began placing a trail of kisses upon the bare skin of my neck. When I first felt it, the slightest brushing of teeth against skin, I almost pulled away. Every fiber of my being told me to.

Instead I stayed. I let him sink his teeth deep into my neck. After the initial pain wore off, a sort of ecstasy came over me, a wave unlike any other. A moan fell from my lips just as he released me.

I fell back into the bed, breathing heavily, trembling ever so slightly. "Oh, Adder," I murmured. There was nothing else to be said.

My lover placed a small kiss upon the tip of my nose. "I love you," he said simply. Softly.

I smiled up at him. "And I love you."

There was nothing else to be said.

The End

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