Demrin crouched next to the bed Adder lay on. His injuries were severe, the marks and wounds where the shadows had hit him clearly evident on his pale skin. The vampire’s eyes had rolled back into his head, and his breathing was coming in ragged gasps. Demrin checked his heartbeat; it was beating nearly two hundred times a minute.

“He is close to death, Calla, but I think I can save him”.

“He better not fucking die, he better not” Calla said, taking the vampires hand as a tear formed in the corner of her eye.

Demrin reached into his cloak, delving into the many inside pockets and he withdrew a large glass vial, several herbs and four potions.

“I will need your help, Calla if this is to work”.

“Yes, yes anything”, she replied, dropping the vampire’s hand and turning to Demrin who had opened one of the potions.

“Have him drink this, all of it now. It will start the healing process by slowing his heart almost to a stop and calming his breathing”.

The succubus took the substance, an orange coloured one and poured it down Adder’s throat. The difference was noticeable immediately; his chest falling regularly, his heartbeat almost non-existent. Demrin was readying s salve, crushing herbs and mixing them with another of the potions, a green one this time.

“Dab each of his wounds six times with that mixture, and they shall start to heal”.

Calla did so, making sure to get every last wound on the vampire’s body. Demrin held his hands over Adder’s body and began uttering  few words. He took his hands away after a moment.

“The shadows which attacked him cannot be healed with a normal spell, it’s going to require me to use the shadows. I will have to pump new ones into him, while drawing the ones which are killing him out, channelling them through my body, and into this”, he said, indicating the large, empty glass vial.

“No Demrin! You can’t... That could kill you”.

“It is a risk I am willing to take. Normally I would not go to these lengths for a vampire, especially one who had tried to kill me, but you and he have a special bond and I don’t think you would ever forgive me if I let him die. You are the only friend I’ve got, Calla. Maybe that girl, Ana will become a friend, if she accepts my offer, but I damn well aren’t going to let you suffer the loss of someone you have fallen in love with. I myself experienced it many years ago, and now, whenever I see her, the feelings are rekindled but I know I can do nothing. It is one of the worst pains anyone can experience, losing the one they love. You shall not experience it”.

Demrin grasped the vial in his left hand, held his right hand over the vampire’s chest and readied himself.

“When the vial is half full, feed him the purple potion, when it is completely full, the yellow one”.

Then he formed a ball of shadow around his hand. He lowered it onto Adder’s chest, and began forcing the shadows into the vampire’s body. As he did so, he felt tightness in his chest. The shadows from Adder were travelling through him, attempting to kill him. There was every chance they would succeed, and then he and Adder would both die.

He gasped as a piercing pain racked his entire body. He began convulsing, as did Adder. A steady flow of shadow had sprouted from his left hand, entering the vial. The flow of shadows from his right was wavering, and through his pain, he forced more into the vampire, pushing himself to his limits. He glimpsed Calla pouring a purple substance down Adder’s throat. They were only halfway, and it was beginning to get difficult to sustain the flows.

His flesh seemed to be burning, visions flashed across his eyes, horrifying visions to terrible to describe. Adder’s body bucked, leaping a full two feet off the bed. Demrin’s body mimicked the action soon after. His hand was locked to the vampire’s chest. He could not move it a millimetre.

Shadows exploded in Demrin’s mind and he screamed. An identical scream issued from Adder’s now open mouth. Demrin again glimpsed Calla. She was pouring a yellow liquid down the vampire’s throat. The shadows ceased to flow, and Demrin slumped next to the bed, exhausted. He could barely move. Someone arrived at his side, holding a large mug of vodka. They poured it down Demrin’s throat and as the spirit burned its way through him, Demrin felt refreshed. He saw that it was Calla crouched next to him, tears flowing down her face.

“You did it, Demrin. He is fine, you are both fine”. She hugged him. “I thought you were both going to die when you started bucking and screaming, but you did it”.

“Yes, I guess I did”, Demrin said still slightly groggy.

“Adder will be so grateful, you putting your life on the line for him like that”.

“I did it for you” Demrin said, then collapsed in a heap. The last thing he saw before he fell completely unconscious was the arrival of two more people to the room, a girl and a man in a suit.

The End

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