Jester ran through the streets, back to the warlocks apartment. The door was locked again. No matter. He was stopped merely steps into the apartment by a force so strong it nearly knocked him back out the door. Looking around he saw the warlock--Demrin, but the succubus and Ana weren't anywhere to be seen. "I-I bring a message." Jester stuttered. The warlock gestured for him to go on. "The Vampire--Adder--is hurt, in his own apartment. The barman thinks it happened with dark magic and sent me to find you." Demrin didnt say anything, just frowned, as if assessing the truth of Jester's words.

After what seemed like an eternity, the warlock left the room swiftly, gone without more than his essence leaving a trace. Jester, still unable to come further into the apartment (the magic field was specially tuned to let very few people through) took the time to think about what the cold-eyed one said. Restoring the Great one, the dark, to a form in which it could do damage. it could have been the thing that had hurt Adder, the barman had said something about dark magic. Yet, Jester didnt think so. He guessed that it would take three to six days for the Dark to regain a body out of the ingredients. Less than a week. Jester shuddered.

"Less than a week to escape." He said, looking around at the magical instruments and symbols. "Less than a week to pack up, and escape."

The End

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