Choking on ShadowsMature


Adder closed his eyes, rubbing his fingers on his temples, a light sweat coating his cold skin. The battle against Scott and the shadow figure, had worn him down. There wasn't much he could have used to fight but his fangs and both were to powerful to get close to. As his eyes opened again, a pickling sensation covered his neck.

Adder blinked and looked to Demrin, who opened his mouth slowly, all he replied in a broken voice was "The sun...". Fear flooded his veins like an injection of ice. Calla stared at her friend and Adder fidgeted, meeting her eyes with a terrified expression. Her eyes widened at the sudden realization. 

"You have to go." Her voice was rushed and caught in a bit of a high pitched tone. Adder nodded quickly. He couldn't loose Calla, not after he had just gotten her back. Too many things were spiraling away and with her as his only hope, death didn't sound like an all too promising idea.  

"I'll see you later, love," he said trying to stay calm as he disappeared down the streets of London and faded into the shadows. Adder moved from alleyway to alleyway avoiding every spot of growing light. This was the first time since he was a mere fledgling, that he had been out so close to dawn.

Peering around the corner the sight of the Pig's Head sign shone like a beacon. Using his vampiric speed to rush to the door, as he threw it open and jumped inside the first rays of light peeked over the horizon. The warm glow instantly disappeared as the door shut and Adder plastered himself to the wall. 

"Bit close, eh?" Ambrose teased. "How 'bout some O negative on the house? Just enough to cool you down. Looks like some wanker got you in a tight spot, you're never out till near sunrise." Adder placed his hand to his chest, almost wishing that his heart would suddenly kick start and pound furiously away. The vampire stood, and moved to the glass that Ambrose set out. Quickly downing the icy shot, Adder slunk towards the stairs. His body complained that the sun had already dawned, sleep gripping his mind tightly. Every step up the spiral stairs made his legs feel heavier, like someone had encased his feet in lead. 

Finally when Adder reached his room, he fell onto his bed and curled into a ball. The bed was cold and lonely without Calla. Like a part of him had been taken and left empty, only to be filled by her dashing presence and fiery personality. His eyes shut suddenly and the familiar comatose sleep drug his mind into darker depths. 

A figure rested in the doorway of Adder's apartment, grinning broadly. The vampire may have been invincible to an unknown degree, but when he slept he was as vulnerable as the humans in the club below. The man, his cloak of raven black, stepped into the room and shut the door. Soon the vampire would learn what happened when debts needed to be collected! 


Adder woke slowly, yawning and stretching in his bed. His eyes blinked away the sleep, only to shoot wide open. Blackness engulfed the room around him, an icy chill cloaking the room. 

"Adder! It's so good to see you again. And here I thought you were searching for the warlock and his succubus friend.  But what do you do?" Adder bit his lip as Scott stepped into the room grinning dangerously as the shadows writhed and twisted around him like dancing Cobras. Adder backed up a bit on his bed, until he was pressed against the wall. The shadows claws lashes out and locked the vampire in place. Every time he struggled, his skin was sliced on the jagged shadow's edges. His blood began to pool on the covers as Scott stepped forward and smiled. 

"After all I have done for you, Vampire. You owe me your life, your very damned existence! I made your vampire body unkillable, at least to the all but me. One of the shadows claws punctured through Adder's chest and began to fill his lungs. The black substance made him begin to cough and choke, a black liquid oozing from between his fangs. "I tell you to do one thing...kill the warlock." A whip like crack echoed in the air and images began to take control of Adder's mind. Images of him and Calla together, her laying right next to him. As he turned over to kiss her, Calla's body burst into dust, an anguished expression on his face. 

Adder cried out, feeling the shadow tar begin to fill his stomach. More images were forced into the vampire's mind by Scott. Pictures of Calla standing in the sunlight smiling at him, and when Adder stepped out to meet her...his skin caught fire and destroyed his existence. Calla then fell dead to, a knife through her back, as her body fell away a grinning figure stood. Demrin's figure.

Adder screamed and twisted his restrained arms breaking free to dig his nails into the skin of his temples. More of the thick, syrupy, black liquid mixed with the blood from Adder's temples. He clawed, desperately trying to get the gruesome images of Calla's death out of his head. 

"I own you Adder! I can kill you and your lover too!" Adder froze at the instant mention of his lover...Calla. He wretched and gagged as the shadow tar left his tortured body. Where the holes and puncture wounds were more blood poured. "If you want to live and keep loving that succubus you'll do what I tell you! Kill the warlock or better yet let him kill you!"

Scott moved and grasped Adder around his throat, making it hard for the battered vampire to breath. "Your time is coming to an end, immortal. I have what I need, I will kill you all soon. Ta-ta!" With those parting words Scott left Adder with one last image, Calla laughing and writhing in bed with another man, her lips pressing against his as she grinned. 

Adder collapsed into the pools of his own blood, too weak to weak to decide what to do. He fangs and veins ached to be fed after being bled like a stuck pig. His mind screamed at him to get up, to find Calla, warn Demrin and his human apprentice...but his body lay still, twitching with residual spasms of pain. Adder hoped that someone would find him, hopefully someone he knew other than Calla. Groaning from dizziness, Adder fell unconscious.

Ambrose looked at the stairs, growing worried as the minutes passed. Adder was always downstairs after the sunset, like clockwork. He frowned, leaving the bar and moving up the stairs. At the room, 666, Ambrose pushed the door in. He may have been a human but Ambrose knew the smell of blood. He rushed into Adder's room and saw the carnage. Never had he seen a vampire so torn up. Ambrose shouted to Adder to try and hang on as he sprinted down the hall and bounded the stairs, he looked around frantically for any supernatural that would help. Then his eyes caught sight of a shapeshifter, the one Adder had bitten a while. 

Ambrose knew it would be a stretch but he had to try. "Listen, I know you and Adder had a beef but he needs someones help. His wounds will heal but it will take time and he will starve before he can wake and hunt properly. Please, go and find the succubus Calla or her friend...the warlock, Demrin. They'll know what to do! Hurry please! I fear that whoever hurt him was out for revenge and used...used dark magic!" Ambrose's eyes pleaded with the shape shifter. Hoping beyond hope that he would help the vampire who had become his best, if only , friend.  


The End

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