Calla: Retail TherapyMature

"Demrin!" I shrieked, rushing over and dropping down beside the warlock. The Black Assassin had long since disappeared. The night was still, and we were alone.

"Calla," Adder spoke softly, but he stopped when my old friend rolled over slowly onto his side. I studied his pained face with wide, worried eyes. Behind me stood Ana, and although she was silent, I could tell she was crying.

Demrin opened his mouth slowly; I expected some sort of cryptic words or something, I guess, because if anyone would know what to do it would be Demrin. But all he said was, "The sun..." in a shattered voice I could barely stand hearing.

I frowned at his uttered words, which made little to no sense to me. But when I caught the horrified expression Adder now wore, I understood. Oh, God, did I understand. "You have to go." My voice was rushed. If the sun were to rise, Adder would die. And I would not lose him. I couldnt.

"I'll see you later, love," he spoke only to me, and then he disappeared down the streets of London, into the fading dark of the dawn.

By now Demrin had gotten himself up on his feet. I let him pull me up as well, dusting off the knees of the tight black jeans I wore. "Been a while since I helped you off your knees," he laughed. I silenced him with a glare.

When I turned to face Ana, she was wearing a terrified expression. I knew she was having trouble taking this all in. Our world was so dangerous, so demanding and ever-changing. The poor girl hadnt even known of us until a week ago, and now she found herself right at the center of it all.

I strode over to her and linked my arm with her own. "Ana needs a breather," I declared. Without any more explanation, I started dragging her down the street.

"Wait," Demrin called after me, but I only threw him a look over my shoulder.

"Have some faith," I shouted back at him. "I promise she can take care of the both of us."


A few hours later Ana and I found ourselves sipping cappucinos outside a dainty little cafe in the better part of London. Sure, we were still on guard, but it was nice to get off my stilettos and relax.The piles of shopping bags at our feet made me feel like an actual person.

"I still cant believe all of this," Ana said in a feeble voice. "I cant believe I went my whole life without knowing."

"Most people never find out," I said nonchalantly. The sun felt so good on my face, on the exposed skin of my arms. "But enough about all that. Let's talk about something...interesting."

Something in her expression looked suspicious, but when she saw how serious I was, she let out a shaky laugh. " you're a-"

"Succubus," I answered. "Y'know, lure men to their deaths with our unnatural looks and amazing skills in the bedroom."

Ana gave me a forced smile. "I'm not so good with guys," she admitted. I cocked my head a little. I'd never really had girl friends before, because I usually ended up seducing and killing their boyfriends. In fact, before Adder, Demrin had really been all I'd had.

"I'll teach you," I said suddenly. My words surprised the both of us. Rising to my feet, I threw her a devilish grin. "Come on. They wont even know what hit them." 


The End

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