"Not a puppet!" Jester yelled at the brick wall, punching it so hard some of the bricks gave way, turning to dust. "Not a puppet! Not simple minded! I am Jester!" He sank to the ground amidst the rubble of fallen bricks, screaming silently at his terrible fortune. There was movement behind him, and he turned around.

It was a ghost, and a human. They clung together, the human could see her, and could feel her. Jester smiled, the voice in his head told him about his needed ingredient, but Jester couldnt do it anymore. He could see the bond between these two. Impossible, that the living and the dead can find each other and be happy. He let them go.

Jester's thoughts turned to other things. Ana was gone. He'd been hurt by her and she'd run away. He couldnt follow her trail, it was being hidden, somehow. "I am alone." Jester said, hitting the wall again. "I dont know what I'm supposed to do anymore. There is nowhere I can find these impossible ingredients. The vampire bit me and my blood ran over that tongue. The warlock healed me, how could I take his eyes. The ghost is in love, how can I take her from her boy. The succubus, too close to the vampire. Ana..." He trailed off. "Ana. I cannot take her skin, and no other skin is as perfect in this entire aweful, unlucky, iron riddled, magic smushing, town!!!!" That was a good word, smushing. This smushing town, where no one can have a bit of good fortune. Even if they try their hardest...

A pull on the back of his shirt wrenched Jester out of his reverie.

"You've disappointed me Jester." Said the cold eyed on. "Fortunately you werent the only one on the case. Someone else has collected the five ingredients and we can now restore the Great One to his rightful place."

Oh no! Jester thought frantically. Oh no oh no oh no...

The End

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