In Debt to DeathMature


Adder felt Calla shiver against his body, the scream no doubt had shaken her. She seemed frozen and fixed as if hoping to hear the noise again. Adder ran his fingers through her hair, teasing his fingers on her neck as his lips kissed her satin skin. He trembled, having not fed in a day, his stomach ached and cried for blood. The vampire felt his eyes glazed over solid crimson as his fangs tickled her neck. No, this is Calla, my lover. Find another. His mind called him back from drinking her soul away and he blinked to bring his eyes back to normal. 

"Adder," Calla whispered pulling away, her naked frame smooth as marble. He stared back at her, raising an eyebrow. "That scream...a voice, so...familiar." Her violet eyes focused on his as she stood and began to dress. Adder let out a whine and pulled her back onto his cold skin, hearing her gasp quietly. 

"Calla," he said keeping a happy spark in his voice to conceal his worry. "It's probably just some guy feeding one of the other vampire regulars at the bar. Come back to bed." He leaned in and kissed her lips, smiling to feel her against him again. The memory of Scott flashed into his mind, making Adder's eyes widen. 

"Theres a warlock that I need...taken care of. Demrin  Artuna...know him?" Adder shook his head, keeping his crimson gaze locked on Scott. "He hangs out with a succubus...though we still do not know her name. Find Demrin and bring him to me!" With that Scott spun on his heels and was swallowed by shadows.

The pieces all fell into place. Calla was a good friend...maybe more, once, with Demrin. The warlock, she feared, was the one screaming downstairs. The problem was, Adder had been charged to kill Demrin and Scott knew when people didn't deliver for him. And Scott also had one more advantage over Adder, the vampire owed him. Adder shivered and sat up, cuddling against Calla for warmth. 

"Love, theres something...I need to tell you." She groaned and rolled over, pressing her naked chest to his. Adder's hands trailed down her side but she batted them away, waiting for him to speak. " know a guy, named Scott?" Calla furrowed her brow and pursed her lips. 

"I think I've heard the name before...why?" her tone was a warning and a question. 

"Well, Scott's a...a necromancer, and I kinda owe him...big." Calla half gasped, half growled and pushed away from Adder. She had a scowl on her face as he stood and hugged her from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist. 

"Of all the people got involved with a necromancer?!" He winced at her sharp, venomous tone and placed his chin upon her shoulder. Her head turned away, hair striking my face lightly. 

"Listen love, It was a long time ago, I was a freshly turned vampire...And my sire, well let's just say after he turned me... he didn't want anything to do with me and disappeared. Scott found me, draining girls in and outside brothels in the slums of Berlin. He took me in, taught me what all I needed to know about the supernatural world and being a vampire. Then he...performed a ritual on me, to protect me. Called in insurance, in case he needed to call me in for a favor."

"What ritual?" Calla said through clenched teeth, turning to look him in the eyes. 

"I can't tell you, love. I'm bound never to tell anyone. Let's just say that I'm alot stronger, faster, and invincible to conventional methods of killing a vampire. Listen...I'm not sorry I met Scott or about what I did, but if Demrin really means that much to you...Well, we can go and tell him." Calla pulled away from him, pulling on her under clothes, then her skirt and revealing top. She shook her head, and ran her fingers through her the locks. Her eyes stayed away from his as he too got dressed. 

"Adder, if we can ever stay need to be truthful with me. You're secretive and I not sure I can handle many more of them." As Adder pulled on his hoodie, he nodded. 

"When things settle down, you and I can have a nice talk. You can ask me anything, I promise, I'll tell you." He stood there, waiting, as Calla eyed him. Finally she sighed and smiled, hugging him close. 

"Come on, let's go." She grabbed his hand and pulled him through the door. 


When they reached Demrin's apartment, Calla knocked on the door. Whimpering and whining came from inside, Calla pushed in the door. She rushed inside and moved through the almost empty home. Adder scrunched his nose at the place, at how run down and simple it was. 


"Calla? You're alive!!" Adder turned his head to the hallway to see Calla hugging the silver haired warlock. Anger burned in the vampire's gut and in that split second he wanted to murder the warlock, yet he resisted, if only for Calla. The warlock let her go and turned, bristling when he saw the vampire. Calla placed her hand on Demrin's shoulder.

"It's alright, he has something to tell you." Adder shook his head, feeling the aching in his fangs again. It seemed that Scott had done a bit more than ask for him to kill the warlock.

"Calla, I gotta go...I need blood...bad!" Adder turned and was instantly on the streets outside the apartment. Scents of delicious humans wafted around his nose and his eyes became orbs of red. A familiar scent of a human came towards him, it was the girl...the one who had escaped. Adder bared his fangs but kept his cool, this time she was going to bleed. Pulling his hood over his head, the vampire leaned against the wall of a nearby building. Keeping his gaze on his shoes, he listened hungrily to the girls footsteps. 

As she walked in front of him, Adder decided charm was better than violence. Lest she use her powers again. 

"Evening miss." The girl paused, frowning at him, his face covered by the shadow of his hood. 

"Do I know you?" Adder cocked his head and wrapped his arms around her and looked into her eyes. With his hungry red orbs glaring into her's she leaned into him, the trance doing all it's work. Adder moved her drunken-like form and pressed her against the building, she groaned a bit but Adder shushed her. 

"It'll all be over soon, love, promise." Adder leaned in and snarled and bit into her neck, feeling the artery pop and spill it's warm liquor into his mouth. The girl screamed and shouted, beginning to struggle now that the trance had worn off. Adder continued to draft life from her until the shocking pain slammed back into his head.

Throwing him back from her and  causing him to curse loudly. The girl slid down the side of the building, holding her throat. Two figures, rushed before Adder and began tending to the human. Their voices mixed and distant as the vampire realized, the two figures were Calla and Demrin. 

The End

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