Calla: Spilling Secrets, Spilling BloodMature

My head was pressed to Adder's bare chest, where it had been for over an hour. His heart was not beating within, for it had no beat left. I wondered why I hadnt noticed sooner, hadnt realized the way he so gently teased my skin with those teeth...

Everything felt right somehow, even if everything was so wrong. One thing was certain, and that was the fact that I loved him. Adder made me feel complete, filled a hole in me I thought would swallow me entirely.

There was only one problem. I had since learned the truth of his existence. I now knew what he was. But Adder still believed me to be only an average human. He had no idea of what I truly was. The demon I truly was.

I was certain I had to tell him, even if I hadnt the slightest idea how. I feared. I was terrified that, if he found out, he wouldnt feel the same for me.

But then, I had come back to him, hadnt I? Against all better judgement, here I lay, tangled in his arms and his sheets with the lingering touch of his fingertips all over my body. Ravaged. Devoured.


"You're so still," Adder murmured, the first indication that he was still awake. Did he even sleep? Did he have to, anymore? "Are you alright, love?"

I struggled to find my voice. "Yes," I whispered at last, a pitiful, broken sound. "I's just..." I pushed myself up into a sitting position, hands still on his chest. Adder stared up at me long and hard, memorizing me perhaps. Like he was scared that at any moment I might just disappear.

"I havent been completely honest with you," I managed to choke out. Something flickered in his bloodred eyes, something I couldnt quite decipher before it vanished. A frown creased his brow, but his gaze never left my own. His hands came up to trace the contours of my skin.

"Then tell me," he said. "Whatever it is, it cannot change the way I feel for you."

I wasnt so sure about all that. But there was no turning back now. I took a deep breath, held it in for as long as I could. "I'm not exactly...well, human," I muttered.

Adder thrust up so that he too was sitting. Suddenly there were inches between us, a distance that seemed so vast it stabbed me right through. His silence was my invitation to go on. 

There was no need to sugar coat it, for it wouldnt change the bitter truth. "I'm a succubus," I said quickly.

A series of emotions played out across his face, fear and lust and hate and love. I was so, so sure I had lost him forever.

I did not expect him to reach out and pull me roughly to his chest. That was the furthest thing from my mind. "Oh, Calla," he spoke into my matted and gnarled blonde hair. "The angel of death and the goddess of love. This is a tragedy, isnt it?"

Then he kissed me, full and hard, and it was everything a kiss was supposed to be. Somehow, it made me feel okay. Like the world was going to make sense one day.

The ear piercing scream from downstairs said otherwise.

The End

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