Pain. Feirce, draining pain. Jester breathed in as deeply as he could. Finally focusing and finding that he lay on the floor of the pub, surrounded by concerned people.

"Hey, are you alright?" Someone asked as he pulled himself up using a bar stool. Jester shook his head, seeing the blood on the ground and the bar and the stool. His blood. He put a hand to the wound, wincing as he felt it close up.

"I'll be fine." He said haltingly. "Need to find. Warlock." The vampire was dangerous, angry, and he knew what Jester was. Simple minded, he'd called him. Jester closed his eyes, pain filling him again. What if he couldnt do his job? What would the cold eyed one do. The vampire was dangerous. Cruel. Hungry. The warlock would good. Distant, but kind. Warlocks are always that way. Slowly, Jester stumbled to the door and out into the cold night. The vampire had gone. His trail coincided with that of a Succubus, but she would be dangerous too, particularly in the presence of the Vampire. They seemed to be following the same patterns as mates. The warlock. His trail led to many places, but eventually Jester found his apartment, where every trail converged. The sun was just rising as Jester approached the locked door.

On his way, following the trails, Jester had lost the human guise. It was merely slowing him down, he couldnt follow the trails quite as easily. His black furred form traveled more quickly and was more sensitive to the essence of supernaturals.  It also picked up when the cold-eyed one stepped out of the shadows of an alleyway and into his path.

"Report." He ordered, his voice piercing the predawn silence.

"Five ingredients found." Jester said, shrinking into a crouch on the ground, trying to make himself less of a target.

"And?" The cold-eyed one was relentless.

"Vampire bit me." Jester reported. "Human shocked me. Warlock here." The cold eyed one looked around at the apartments.

"So he lives in this district." He whispered to himself, turning back to Jester, who cringed, he continued. "Good. Find him." There was a crack like a whip and the sorcerer was gone. Jester stood slowly, still tense, still hurting from the vampire bite. He was weak. Maybe he shouldnt do this. He needed to heal. Needed to hide. Jester took a single step towards the door, his mind at war. Should he enter. Should he beg for help. Should he attack? Should he run? As he stood on the doorstep, trying to decide, the door opened.

The End

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