Anger and AcceptanceMature


Adder rested at the bar, a bit put out that the human had escaped from him. Whatever power she controlled, it hurt like hell. Rolling the ice and blood remnants around in his glass, he shouted to Ambrose.

"Give me another one." Ambrose frowned placing another blood and alcohol mix before him. Adder glared at the glass, wishing it was fresh blood he was drinking instead of the bagged kind. A young man just over the drinking age with blonde hair, cut short, white shirt and jean jacket took a seat next to Adder. The kid's grey eyes met Adder's crimson as he ordered a drink.

"Wine please." The kid flashed him a grin, it was chipper and cheery, deepening the vampire's distaste and anger. "How ya doin' mate?" The kid's thick cockney accent chimed. Adder growled and turned his eyes back on his drink sipping at the edge of the bloody glass. "You dont look so good, maybe I can buy you another drink."

"I'm fine." Adder  muttered, spiting his venomous words.

"Okay, okay." The unwanted guest replied and slid his hand into his pocket. Adder smelt the kids scent while it appeared human, there was something cloaked beneath his cheery, outgoing disguise. It was a scent he hadn't smelled in a long time, since right about when he was turned. Ransacking his thoughts, the vampire took another drink, noticing the kids wine. "Rough night?" The kid asked, keeping up the cheery guise. Adder grunted.

"It'd be alot better if you left and I got a good meal tonight. A fucking rough night..." he muttered under his breath. 

"Yeah, I've had some of those." The kid continued. "Just couldnt find any luck in this whole city." He glanced sidelong at the vampire. Adder nodded and swallowed the last few globs of blood in his glass, licking the crimson traces from his lips. Man, was this kid ever going to shut up?!

He shook his head and let the kid continue on his merry little, one sided chat. "Well, thats when I come here, and find luck at the bottom of a cup." Adder glanced at the kid, noticing the weapon concealed in his pocket, while the barman filled their drinks. Adder smirked and looked back at the bottles behind the bar. 

"If I were you, kid, I'd try your luck somewhere else." The blonde haired guy cocked his head, giving Adder a confused look. The vampire grinned and turned towards him, flashing his fangs. "It doesn't take much to see that knife in your pocket, you think you're slick trying to kill a vampire...wrong." Adder abandoned his drink, suddenly appearing behind the kid and pinning him back on the bar. Ambrose glared but made no move to intervene. The vampire leered in the kids face, grinning menacingly. 

"Ah....I remember your scent now," he took a deep breath near the kid's neck. The smell was thick with the hints of a spice and cinnamon like aroma, a rarity in blood. "Yes, I know now. Shapeshifter! That's what you are, a simple minded one compared to your brothers and sisters of long ago.

Adder curled his fingers around the shapeshifter's throat dragging him through the clubs crowd and to an empty corner. His prey fought and struggled, shifting into many forms but never finding its escape. Fangs met warm flesh as Adder bit into the shapeshifter's neck, lapping at the blood. He wanted to take deep long drafts of the blood, letting the warmth fill his gut, but sunlight approached.

Taking one last sip of the meals blood, Adder pulled away licking his lips contentedly. Smirking, he left the kid to bleed to death and hurried to his bedroom. The silky covers welcomed him, Cala's sweet scent still soaked in the sheet. Tears pricked Adder's eyes, and his fingers curled around the covers. Would she come back...did she love me? Could she love me? The vampire grimaced, he hadn't lied to her, he had only kept the truth from her. Fearing that she would leave him, perhaps forever. Adder curled up under the sheets, biting his lips so hard that blood dripped down his cheek. Too late now, she knew what he could a human ever love a vampire....


The next night Adder woke slowly, hardly dragging himself out of bed to take a shower. The warm water poured over his body as his stomach growled but Adder ignored it. Cala was supposed to come least he hoped she'd come. If not, Adder slammed his hand into the tiled shower wall. I'll hunt that warlock down and- The vampire paused, remembering that Scott wanted the warlock dead. Stepping from the shower, he toweled off and dressed. He checked the clock, 11:37 pm. 

Hours passed and Adder began to grow agitated, pacing back and forth across the hardwood floor in the living room area. Finally, at 2 am, Adder paused. Soft, clacking footsteps met his ears. His eyes focused on the door as the handle clicked and turned, pushing the door into the room. Standing in his doorway was Cala, her body just as radiant and perky as ever. Her violet eyes played across his body while he eyed her back. The two just stood there as if frozen in time. Adder then moved to her, using his inhuman speed to stand just before her face. His fingers trailed softly across her satin skin, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. 

"Cala..." he whispered tenderly, hooking an arm around her waist and pressing her body against his. "I love you, being a vampire has nothing to do with it. Sure your blood smells like a vista from the gods, but I could never hurt you. Never!" He pressed his lips into hers and pulled Cala into his flat. The warmth of her body tingled across his icy skin, making him smile happily. Laying with his back on the couch, Cala rested her head on his chest. The two just enjoying each others presence as their hearts beat in perfect harmony. Adder sighed happily, he had his love back. She'd come back, despite everything. 

"Hey Love," She said stroking his cheek. His crimson eyes shut and he hummed, content. 


"There's something I have to tell you..." Cala trailed off as Adder kissed her again. plunging his tongue between her lips and moaning softly. 

"It doesn't matter, love. I'll love you no matter what." He smiled tugging teasingly at her skirt zipper. "Now where were we?" he chuckled, undoing the zipper, anxiously waiting for another night of ecstasy with her. 

The End

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