Calla: Basically PretendingMature

If I closed my eyes, it was almost like none of it was real. Like none of it had happened. I left the human girl at her house without much more than a feeble goodbye, and then I started off back into the depths of the London night.

There was no escaping the memories now seared into my mind. The way Adder had dragged his fingers over every contour of my body, tracing the most delicate places and kissing me everywhere. I'd been with countless numbers of men in my life, and never once had I been able to hold myself back like that. To really, truly feel the magic in the air around me.

But that perfect moment had been ruined. Shattered when Demrin had thrown back the door and ripped us from our fantasy world. Brought us back into reality. I could still see the look in his eyes as he muttered that single question. Do you know what he is?

Well, I certainly did now. Adder was a vampire, the worst kind of demon there was. For centuries our kinds had hated each other. The fact that he'd let me believe he was human only made it so much worse. Adder had used me, used me in the worst way. What I had thought to be making love was merely meal prep for him.

I knew I needed to shake him from my mind. There was only one way I could think to do that: I needed to feed. I was sick and tired of starving myself in hopes of finding a love that didnt even exist. I'd been a foolish girl trusting her heart.

Drawing myself back into the shadows, I waited. Waited and watched the moon and the stars as they danced overhead. Wondered how it might feel to be so high and free and fearless. To shine so brightly.

When I heard the sound of footsteps, I boldly stepped into the glint of the streetlight. The man before me gave a start, jumping and then freezing in place, eyes trailing over my body.

"Hi," I purred, taking a few deliberate steps towards him. My fingers were snaking their way through my white blonde hair, toying with the turquoise streaks. "You look lonely."

In truth, he didnt seem to be much of anything to me. He was probably in his mid-twenties, a bar hopping stumbling home before dawn could make its way across the sky.

He let his gaze linger in all the wrong places before closing the distance between us. "Maybe," he said slowly. "What's the catch?"

I twisted my lips up into a seductive smile. "No catch," I assured him. "Just let me make you happy tonight." 


Demrin's apartment was dark, thankfully. I let the door fall into place without a sound, carefully keeping my gaze off the pathetic mortal. I was sure he was looking around curiously, taking in the orbs and other things my warlock friend lined his shelves with.

I made my way over to him without much rush, letting my arms glide up his around him, fingers toying with his black locks of hair. I hadnt taken much time to look at him before, but now I saw that he wasnt half bad. There was something soft in his eyes. It told me that he was too good to be drunkenly tumbling into bed with a complete stranger.

But I was long past due, ready to tear him apart and devour his essence. "Kiss me," I whispered, and so he did. He kissed me and moved his body against me, hips grinding, hands exploring. I traced his bottom lip with my tongue until he parted them, allowing our tongues to dance wildly around each other.

"Oh, God," he moaned beneath my mouth, and so I pulled away and took his hand. The bedroom Demrin had left for me was mostly empty. I walked with a purpose, all but dragging the human behind me.

We fell back into the bed, him on top of me, and proceeded where we had left off. I felt something protruding against my thigh, telling me that I should let him peel me from my clothes. Then our bare skin was brushing, and he was moving right through me, and with every cry and moan I was telling myself that it was Adder. Pretending that it was him.

Right before the human was about to reach his climax, I withdrew myself from the passion of the moment. I let myself slip into full deadly mode. It wasnt hard to flip him over; I relished in the way he gasped as I drew my nails down his bare chest.

"What...what are you doing?" He tried to pull away, but I had him pinned in place. He angled his jaw to see the gash marks I had left, the rivulets of blood streaming down into the mattress.

That was when the screaming started.

I didnt care. Blood covered m face, my body, my hair. Still I ripped and slashed at him, until he was split wide open and I could see the beating heart within.

"Say you love me," I demanded in a purely demonic growl. Then I lowered my face into the cavity of his chest and bit right into the pulsing muscle.


I'd barely finished cleaning myself up when I heard the door open and slam again. I was quick to wrap myself up in a towel, just as Demrin appeared in the doorway of the bathroom.

"It reeks of sex and blood in here," he muttered.

I couldnt bring myself to look at him. "I left the mess in your bed for you." My voice was emotionless.Void.

"Calla, I-"

I cut him off. "I know what you're going to say, Demrin," I spat. "That I am a stupid girl who should have seen the signs but was much too blinded by love."

The warlock paused to consider, reaching up to brush his gray hair back out of his face. ""Do you really believe that you loved him?" 

I turned away from the mirror to face him full on. "I love him, Demrin. Yesterday I didnt even know what that meant. But..being with him makes me feel different. Okay, somehow."

Demrin nodded like he understood. I couldnt help but wonder if maybe he did.

"Then," he said in a measured voice. "What the hell are you still doing here?"

The End

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