The UnknownMature

Demrin sat with a glass of straight vodka on his table. The Pig’s Head was crowded again, all manner of people and creatures present. Demrin was mulling over what his next move should be. The shadows once again danced their dance on the walls of the tavern.

The letter had said his time was coming to an end, to enjoy is remaining days. Scott had threatened him with similar statements many times, but he always lived through. However, if the Black Assassin was involved, this could be a trickier one to survive. Chances were, he might not survive, and if that was to be the case, he needed an apprentice to carry on his work should he die.

While he had no intention of dying, Demrin needed to take the precaution. The only problem was, no one was a suitable candidate. He needed someone who was as good as he had been at a young age, better if he could find them. He needed to locate such a person quickly.

As his eyes scoured the crowded pub, no one stood out. There were only the usual inhabitants; a vampire here, a werewolf there and a shit load of humans. None of whom could perform any sort of magic, or use any form of power. Demrin needed a miracle if he was to find a suitable apprentice soon.

His thoughts wandered from that stressful topic, picking out the other troublesome topic on his mind. The Black Assassin.

Demrin had researched what he could about the legendary killer, and not much had come up. He was known to dress entirely in black and to carry a single short bladed dagger. It was said he preferred to hunt at night.

Several results had surfaced surrounding the topic of his victims. Some were merely beheaded, and they got off easy. Others were tortured beyond physical and mental limits, others succumbed to some of the darkest magics known, and not known to the people of the world. Some said by the end, they gouged out their eyes to attempt to ease the torture they were subjected to. One thing was clear though. They all died in extremely gruesome circumstances. It was said that once he has been assigned a task, The Black Assassin never stops until he finishes it. He is relentless, and the longer it takes, the fiercer and more violent he gets.

Demrin was worried, for one of the first times in his life. Most of his battles had been fought knowing what he was facing into. This time, he was like a babe trying to take its first steps. He was facing the complete unknown. It was the one thing that frightened him, and for the first time in his life, Demrin was scared.

He did not know if he could bring himself to involve others, even those who were closest to him. He did not know how he could bring an apprentice into this sort of danger. He didn’t even know how to prepare himself for it. Demrin downed his glass of vodka in one, put his head on the table and silently wept to himself, out of fear, and out of regret.

The End

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