Ana was scared. She'd hurt the vampire. Jester couldn't figure out why, she was human, and she had the most perfect skin. Jester had watched as the vampire ran his tongue against that skin and he shivered. Bad Idea to attack a hungry, luckless vampire, nor a hungry Succubus, no, the ghost maybe, would be best. If he could find her. But no. The Human. Ana. She was running, he could follow. Her essence was clear.

No. He couldnt. She had power, if he tried to attack her, or even touch her. She would cause him terrible pain. He'd try the vampire. He had just gone into the pub. Easy enough for him to go in, wait for him to be drunk with blood and alchohol, a potent mix.

The vampire was sulking at the bar when Jester stepped inside, conversing tersely with the barman. Jester smiled to himself and stepped forward, changing into a young man just over the drinking age, blonde hair, cut short, white shirt and jean jackt, grey eyes completed the ensemble of color. "Wine please." He said, sitting down next to the vampire, who turned his red eyes on him in distaste. Jester flashed him a grin. "How ya doin' mate?" He said cheerfully in a thick cockney accent. He liked being human. "You dont look so good, maybe I can buy you another drink."

"I'm fine." The vampire muttered, more than a little snippy.

"Okay, okay." Jester said, reaching into his pocket with his left hand as he sipped at his wine. The knife was there, he could almost feel the blade gleaming, ready to cut out this monsters tongue. "Rough night?" He asked, keeping up the cheery guise. The vampire grunted, muttering something rude under his breath.

"Yeah, I've had some of those." Jester continued. "Just couldnt find any luck in this whole city." He glanced sidelong at the vampire, waiting for his words to trigger a reaction. "Well, thats when I come here, and find luck at the bottom of a cup." Wait for attack, then cut out his tongue. The instinct was there, planning everything. Jester ordered another glass.

The End

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