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After the long night; torturing Ellie and Jack, leaving with Scott and being contracted to kill the warlock Demrin, then suddenly finding Cala at his house. Oh and lets not forget helping Jack out to get Ellie back, Adder felt accomplished for the night. The blood from Jack and Ellie had barley quenched his thirst. And while he wanted to go out and drain the entire population of London, the sun was inching ever closer to the horizon. Its hastening approach was painting the sky with a brilliant hue of warm colors.

Splashes of peach, scarlet, saffron, and cobalt curled its fingers around the retreating black sky. Adder picked up his pace to a humans jog, while he could have been to the Pig's head in the blink of an eye that didn't interest him. He always enjoyed the hustle and thrumming beat that the city had to it. Almost as if the horns and shouted voices was the city's oddly paced heart beat.

The wet concrete sidewalk smelt of waste and smoke, coiling the acrid smell around Adder's nose. His face scrunched as his pace increased. After another 10 minutes, the vampire ducked into the Pig's head. Inside there was about three early morning regulars drowning their sorrows with shots tequila and bourbon.

"Cutting it a bit close?" the barman said with the hint of a smile. Adder leaned against the bar and nodded. 

"Just enjoying the city, Ambrose. You know me..." The bar man, who was cleaning glasses with a rag, laughed.

"More like looking for a meal." Adder grinned sheepishly as the barman gestured for him to sit. "I'll get you a shot of Redka...been a while since you had one right?" Ambrose asked, pulling out a bottle of Vodka and a plastic bag, filled with a red substance. Adder ran his fingers through his hair, rubbing his forefinger over the piercing in his eyebrow. 

"Yea...I caught a break lately with fresh ones." He shivered, already tasting the blood on his tongue. Ice clanked into the glass, following by the trickling sound of Vodka being poured. 

"O negative right?" Ambrose asked, half paying attention. Adder nodded and watched as the blood slid like mud into the half filled glass. Instantly the glass became a deep crimson as it slid down the bar and into Adder's hand. Putting the glass to his lips, the liquid slid down his throat with a sharp, bittersweet taste. The warmth of the blood mixed with the cold of the icy alcohol caused shivers to rocket up and down his spine.

"Thanks," The vampire replied, setting the glass down with a light clank. "So where's your new hired help? Ain't he supposed to be here?" Ambrose looked up and narrowed his eyes.

"That kid, Reuben, yea...he'll be here. Words out though that he's mixed up in something." Adder leaned in but Ambrose shook his head, gesturing towards the door. The other barman, Reuben, stepped through the door and took his place behind the bar. His eyes were bloodshot, his face pale and gaunt. 

"Rough night?" Adder teased stepping away from the bar. Reuben shot him a half awake glare before helping Ambrose clean glasses. "Good Day, Ambrose." The vampire laughed moving up the stairs and into his flat. His room was warmer than the outside, inviting him with invisible hands to come to sleep. Taking a slow breath, Adder stripped out of his sweater, cargo pants, and shirt, remaining only in his boxers. Looking himself over, it was laughable how greyish-white his skin was. As if he hadn't tanned a day in his human life. With light hearted resignation, Adder collapsed into his bed pulling the covers over his head and falling fast asleep. 


When night reared it's head Adder was instantly awake, his body tingling with excitement. Calla was coming tonight and he was going to show her just how much he loved her....Love, Adder paused for a moment. Out of the few human feelings he had left, love wasn't one he had expected to remain. But every time he saw her sleek curvy form, his heart melted; just the thought of his body against hers sent electricity through his long dead heart. She was a mistress of the night, dark and dangerous. Her violet eyes promising things that his body screamed for more than blood.

Finally he stood from his bed, taking a quick shower and pulling on a tan pair of cargo shorts, a red shirt and a black hoodie with a large red bat stretched across the chest. Adder check his appearance in a large portrait mirror, adding a light spritz of cologne for a seductive affect. 

"Should be a night to savor," he murmured and walked out the door. The music in the bar below caused the windows to vibrate and the stair to creak as Adder made his way into the night crowd. Girls in tight, revealing clothes danced against their partners; staying with the music's tempo. Adder dropped his hood around his shoulders and smiled widely, this was his place, these were his people. His crimson eyes flicked about the club trying to locate Calla.

His grin shifted into a snarl when he noticed Reuben and Calla leaning on the far wall talking. Reuben was trying to steal HIS girl, Adder watched as the kid leaned near Calla to kiss her supple lips. That was it! Adder immediately was before the two causing them both to let out a gasp. 

"Ad...Adder," Calla stuttered but he ignored her, taking a fist full of the kid's collar and pushing him against the wall. His feet were hovering just out of reach of the floor, making Reuben squirm uncomfortably.

"Lay off man!" the kid shouted, glaring at Adder until he noticed the vampire's fangs.

"If I were you..." Adder started, leaning near Reuben's throat and letting his fangs just prick the surface of his skin "I'd leave the lady alone. Forever! You have no idea what exists in the night. Your nightmares are real!" Adder tossed the kid into the door cracking the glass. Ambrose shot Adder a glare but he  ignored it, turning his attention to Calla. 

"Adder...I-" She never got a chance to finish as he pushed her against he wall, pressing his lips against hers. At first she was frozen but then she melted and began to work her velvet lips with his. Adder smiled, he still had his girl, his Calla. His arms wrapped around her frame, snaking down to the small of her back and pulling her body against his. Her leg wrapped around his just as their lips parted. 

Adder laughed. "We should continue this in my room, I'm not to keen on giving these people a show." Calla giggled, putting his arm around her waist, Adder led her back through the club and to his room. Her eyes danced across his body while Adder lead them to his bedroom. The lights were low, barely illuminating their figures. Calla smirked shoving Adder onto the covers, a light yelp left his lips. 

"Hush..." she cooed to him, her body falling onto the bed next to his. "You want this don't you?" Her lips met his again, fireworks showered in Adders mind, bright flashes of colours and emotions. Light gasps and chuckles of pleasures shifted between to two as their kisses grew passionate, increasing the temperature around them. Adder's hands helped her while their clothes shed like water. He held her warm body opening her body to his. Their forms intertwined and shifted rocking and dancing. Their voices mixed into a song of pleasure and feverish love.


Adder and Calla lay next to each other, their bodies fit together as if they had always meant to be together. Adder let a finger trail across her soft skin, moving to her face to pull a strand of hair out of her brilliant eyes.

"I love you Calla, never have I found one I could love...but you..." he snuggled against her warmth, laying his head against hers. Raven black locks fell into his face and his eyes shut. For a few moments, the two basked in each others presence before a small click caught Adder's ear. His brow furrowed, light almost inaudible footsteps traced across his carpet. Closer and closer the sound came until a tall figure perched at the door way, deep green eyes burning at the two. 

"I thought I'd find you here," the voice was calm but had an acidic inflection. Calla flinched, here eyes widening a bit. Adder snarled, his fangs flashing. 

"Get out warlock!" Demrin just stood there staring, like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. 

"You know what he is right?" the silver haired man asked. Calla raised an eyebrow and looked to Adder. 

"Shut up," Adder growled. Within a few seconds Adder was dressed in his boxers and cargo shorts, standing between Demrin and Calla. who was still naked under the covers. Demrin's eyes just watched Adder, a small fire igniting in his hand. Adder hissed and took a few steps back, angry that he couldn't stop what was about to happen. 

"He never told you what he is, did he Cala?" She shook her head slowly and the warlock sighed. 

"He's a vampire, from his fighting style, he's been one for a long time." Calla looked sharply to Adder who didn't dare hang his head. He was proud of the creature he was now, the only problem was if Calla would still love him. He wanted to lash out at Demrin but the vampire sensed a friendship between the two and didn't want to make an already testy situation worse. 

"Cala," Adder said looking her in the eyes as he pulled on his shirt and hoodie. "I love you, from the moment I saw you I loved you. I've never felt such a feeling of freedom and happiness. If...if you feel the same..." He winced and walked just past Demrin, pausing to look back to his lover. "If you feel the same, meet me here tomorrow...if you don't well...." he bit his lip, making a bead of blood fall down his chin. "I understand." As Cala blinked Adder disappeared, ending up on the street hungry and ready to kill.

A young olive skinned girl walked down the sparsely lit street towards him, her veins broadcasting a sweet smell. When her small frame came next to his Adder pushed her against the nearby building's wall. She let out a small cry, Adder leaned near her neck. His tongue ran along her skin and he laughed darkly.

"Nice to meet you, love. Sweet dreams." Adder widened his jaws and looked into her horror filled eyes, seeing his reflection in the girls face. She whimpered and her eyes flashed. Adder shut his mouth instantly, backing away a few steps. Spasms of pain clamped around his skull and disoriented.

"What....what the hell?!" He growled as the girl sprinted away tears streaming from her face. Adder hissed, tempted to follow but deciding against it. Instead, he made his way back to the Pig's Head bar, ordering a Redka and downing it. Damn.... 

The End

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