Ellie woke feeling not only her hands strapped to the chair, but her feet too. She let out a sigh, annoyed with the fact she let Adder do this to her. She could have fought back more. Her head hurt and she felt bruised and cut all over. Not long after Jack himself woke up too and Ellie looked over at him. He could barely open his eyes and he looked disoriented. "Jack." Ellie said. It hurt her to say his name. Adder had obviously taken a bite from her neck, making her feel as though her throat was sore. Making her feel that if she spoke that her throat would be on fire. A shadow hissed in the background and in a quick movement Adder appeared. "Welcome back!" He shouted eccentrically. Ellie was surprised at his enthusiasm, if he was like this when things were normal then she'd have thought he was a nice guy.

     However, these weren't normal circumstances.

     He was here to torture them, Jack knew it and Ellie knew it. And because of that, his newfound happy personality scared Ellie more than when he was dark, evil and brooding. Jack slowly tilted his head up to look at Adder and Ellie could only look at Jack. She saw the marks on his lip and around his eyebrow. The bite marks.

     Adder lifted up Jack's chin and as he saw the bandages on his neck, he tore them off in the blink of an eye and started laughing. "Ellie, you naughty girl." The Vampire grinned, as his face came closer to Jack's neck. "You healed him with your blood, didn't you? Marked him, as they call it. Invisible to the human eye, but there for all the supernatural world to see." Jack began to sweat and shake, he didn't know what was going to happen next. He didn't want to know. Adder leaned in that little bit more, desperately wanting to taste that sweet human blood again. He refrained. "Your fucking sick Adder!" Ellie screamed at him and as her harsh words hit him, he twisted his face into a snarl and flashed her his white, gleaming, deathly teeth. "Ahh, but you should turn your angry retrospection upon yourself. Who was the one who caused this whole problem... you did."
  "Don't listen to him Ellie, I love you!" Jack cried out to her and tears started to fall down his face with ease.

      Just seeing the sight of Jack cry, made her want to cry too and slowly the tears slipped as sadness overcame her. She went to say something to Jack, but never got round to saying it before Adder spat: "Shut up!" He got right up in her face and she flinched and closed her mouth and stayed quiet. He then went right up to the human showing off his fangs to Jack, Ellie could only watch. Adder licked the wound that Ellie had healed earlier and Ellie looked at Adder with complete disgust. "You see little Ghost, I have friends that have given me the ability to heal any wound... but I think I'll just use that to prolong your torture."

     Adder clutched the knife in his hand that little bit tighter, a smile twisting up the features on his face. Ellie's eyes watered, as she knew what was coming. In a flash, the Vampire slammed the knife into Jack's torso, who buckled in his seat and let out a loud groan, which was followed by incoherent crying. As the knife twisted in his gut, blood poured out like a sprinkler. He removed the knife and licked the light trickles of blood, which was on his fingers. A smile spread across his features and there was a glint in his eye as he took in the delicious taste of the red stuff. The knife pressed to Jack's throat and Jack squirmed away from it. "Hold still!" Adder complained. A speck of blood dripped from his neck as the knife came closer and that speckle of blood fell onto his lap.

     In an instance a black robed figure appeared. "Leave them Vampire! I need your help with something!" The robed figure commanded him and Adder let out a low growl. He looked back at both Ellie and Jack, feeling tempted to continue torturing them. Feeling tempted to kill them both for good, so they wouldn't go after him again. All he'd have to do was stab them both and drain them dry, until there's nothing left. The Ghost would eventually fade away and as for Jack, well, he would come back, but Adder would wait and hunt him down and kill him for the second time. And this time he wouldn't come back. The robed figure saw what Adder was doing. "Now!" He commanded him in a firm voice, yet again.

     After that the Vampire hissed threw the knife at the wall. Adder got right up in the Ghosts face. "Listen very well Ghost." He paused and took a glance at Jack. "You too, human morsel. If you ever come after me again..." He paused for effect whilst staring into the Ghosts eyes. "I will finish what I started tonight." He growled at her and Ellie stayed completely silent, not wanting anyone else to get hurt. He then left with the robed figure and Jack and Ellie were left alone.

     The only problem was Jack and Ellie were still tied up. Ellie tried to wriggle out of the rope, but it was done pretty tight. "Why can't you just get out of that? Can't you just slip through it?" Jack asked her.
  "I can't walk through things, I haven't learnt that yet."
  "You're a Ghost, it should come natural to you!" Jack protested.
  "How are you after the stab wound?" Ellie looked his way, hating the pain caused to him because of her. She continuously tried to get out of the rope. "Fine, can't you do that disappearing thing?"
  "I can't, Adder, he's drained me so much that I feel completely powerless."
  "We'll get through this." He smiled Ellie's way, which gave her some strength to get through the ropes.

     However, as she tried to untie herself, she thought of what Jack said. "Jack, did you mean what you said?"
  "What?" He wondered.
  "When you said you loved me." There was a long hesitant pause between them, as they both tried to recollect their thoughts. "I... I don't know. I'm not thinking straight."
  "Ok." Ellie sighed and finally unloosened her arms and the rope fell down to the floor. She untied her legs and quickly ran in front of Jack, she tugged at the rope around his arms and it fell to the floor. She then untied his legs and when he was completely untied she immediately hugged him. "Thank God, your ok." She told him ever so happily and Jack gave her a light hug back.

     She pulled away from him and moved his top upwards slightly to look at the wound. "That's going to need patching up." Ellie told him and walked through the kitchen and reached up into the cupboard where there were bandages. "Don't Ellie." Jack told her, but she continued to get the bandages and put it to use. "You'll be as good as new." Ellie sighed and kneeled down by his side with the bandage in her hands. She went to lift his shirt up again, but Jack took a hold of her hands and looked into her eyes. "I think you should go." He told her.
  "What? I thought we were a team?" She forced a smile on her face.
  "Look, I thought I was ready for all this stuff, but I'm not, I'm really not. It seems wherever you go, trouble follows and I don't want to be apart of that anymore."
  "So you want me to just leave here."
  "Yes please."
  "But why? I thought you liked me."
  "And that's why you need to go. I'm sorry Ellie, ok?"
  "Ok." She said tears slipping down her face at the blink of an eye. She stood up and he looked at her regretfully. "Don't cry." He told her, but she just walked out of his home.

     She ran far, far away from him.

     In the end Jack ended up doing his own bandage and walked out of the house. He needed some fresh air after the wounds he'd had tonight. His head felt extremely light. The fresh air started to work as he walked along the London streets, past roads and streets. Darkness was everywhere, the only light that was around was the stars, the moon and the street lights. All these illuminated a faint glow on the paths. He got tired pretty quickly and sat down on a bench. By now there was only one thing on his mind, Ellie.

     He'd made her leave his home, their home. He had hurt her. He'd kissed her, took her in, told her he loved her and then basically chucked her out. He wasn't the only one that had been tortured by Adder. She was weak, really weak and he kicked her out of his home at her weakest point. Jack let out a sigh and it was then that a figure sat next to him. He looked up and saw that it was Adder. He jumped out of his seat, looking at him in disbelief. "I thought you had a meeting thing." Jack shook.
  "Had it, done."
  "Oh. I'm going."
  "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you." Adder told him, it was the friendliest he'd been to him since meeting him. Well, if you can call not trying to kill him friendly. "Well, I won't kill you unless you walk away right now. So let's sit down and talk." Adder grinned.

     Jack's whole body vibrated, but somehow he made himself sit down. Adder turned to him and smiled. "So why are you out in the dark? Shouldn't you be inside snogging your Ghost?"
  "She's not my Ghost!" Jack retaliated a little too quickly and Adder burst out laughing.
  "Ooh, someone's extremely defensive." He paused. "Have you had a fight?"
  "Well, what then?"
  "She got me out of the rope and then I told her to leave and that I didn't want to be with her."

     Once again Adder burst out laughing, Jack's body trembled. He didn't like it when Adder laughed, it was so dark and menacing. "That's priceless, you know what's so funny? It's that you, the good guy has done more damage to her than I ever have!" He smiled.
  "What? No, I haven't."
  "Please! So she gets a little beaten up here and there, I beat you up a little bit, but that's nothing compared to what you did. You told her you loved her and then you just go and kick her out. She must be crying right now, little Ghost bitch deserves it."
  "Don't talk about her like that."
  "Hey, she deserves it after what she‘s done to me."
  "No, she doesn't!" Jack protested.
  "Look, you're being an idiot. Let me guess, you told her to go because you were worried about your own life?"
  "Yes." Jack sighed.
  "Well, a piece of advice. It's too late for that. She has lived with you long enough now, no matter what you do something's going to come after you from now on. And to be honest, you were safer with her around. After all, you'd be dead if it weren't for her setting me on fire. And I mean, what do you expect? You live in London. It'd be a good idea to have a Ghost on your side, instead of pissing her off!" He smiled at Jack.
  "Why are you helping me?"
  "Because you aren't the one I dislike. It's her. Your actually alright and if I was some fragile human with feelings I'd probably like you, but I'm not and I don't. Anyway, plus it's helpful to me. I think having you around will help get her to stay away from me and not only that, you two being together could mean that you hurt her more than I ever could and pain, well, I love pain. So yeah, it's as beneficiary to me as it is for you."
  "Thanks Adder, I think."
  "No problem." Adder smiled and stood up. "Anyway, I'm just going to kill some girl now, don't know who, someone delicious." Adder sighed and walked away.

     And as Jack thought more and more about Ellie, he realised one thing. He'd made the wrong decision.


     Ellie was deep within the trees, crying her eyes out. She felt as though she'd gotten close to Jack that he cared about her the way she cared about him. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. She sat down on the grassy ground, tears falling down her cheeks like a waterfall. It was a difficult day.

     She was never one to handle rejection well, especially from guys like Jack. She thought back to when she was human and how she was so happy, with one of the most eligible bachelors anyone could ever be with. He was kind and funny, but that all changed one night.

     That all changed on the night she became a Ghost.

     After thinking that Ellie let out a sigh, not wanting to think of the past. So she stood up and looked across the trees. And that's when she saw two people talking. However, she wasn't so sure if they were human, whatever it was it seemed strange. Who would go out here to talk? She looked over at them both and noticed that one of them was wearing a robe, just like the robe man that came to Jack's house. She tried to listen in, but it was too difficult.

      And that's when it happened. The person talking to the robed man looked straight at Ellie, he knew she was there. He looked human, but whether he was it was hard to say. And as he stared at her, her whole body went limp. She received a powerful headache, which made her clutch at her head. And she fell to the floor unconscious...

     Jack walked along, trying to find Ellie. Ever since she'd given him her blood he felt closer to her, so started walking along. Trying to follow his instincts. Something was telling him to go into the woodland area, so he did exactly that. He walked on for a long time and only stopped when he saw a lifeless body on the floor. He looked off into the distance and realised one thing. It was Ellie. He ran to her side and tried to see if she was ok. It was hard to tell since she was a Ghost, but she needed warmth and shelter.

      So he picked her up and carried her to his home. He slammed the door behind him and ran up the stairs, then tucked her into bed. Under the blanket she was nice and warm. She moved, much to his relief, but continued to sleep. So Jack took off his shoes, socks and most of his clothes, so that he was standing there in just his boxer shorts. He got under the quilt with Ellie and held her in his arms gently bringing her closer to him.

     And it was then that he fell asleep holding her...

The End

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