Calla: Unexpected VisitsMature

Demrin opened the door without even reaching for a key. With a quick snap of his fingers, it swung inward, and I could only trail behind him into the dim lit apartment. Like most demons, the warlock had very few mortal possesions. My eyes swept over a shrivelling couch and a bleak looking kitchen.

"There's only one bedroom," Demrin informed me once we had fully stepped inside. I jumped a little as the door slammed behind me. "So I guess I'll be moving to the couch."

I didnt ask why he couldnt just conjure up another one. Instead I turned to him with a single brow raised. "We've shared a bed before, Demrin," I murmured lowly.

The old man turned away so that his face was concealed by shadows. Making it impossible for me to gauge his reaction to my words. "Only very nearly," he corrected. I've wisened up since then, love. I know better than to let a succubus ensnare me."

Something in the tone of his voice made me want to close the distance between us. My steps were measured, heels clicking even on the thin carpeting. A bit of light poured in through the window, but besides that it was completely dark. All the better to-

"What are you doing?"

I shook my head a bit, a vain attempt to clear the red that now danced around the edge of my vision. I realized I'd practically thrown myself at him, hands trailing down his chest in a rather seductive manner. This was certainly not the way to repay him for his generous hospitality.

"I'm..sorry," I whispered, yanking my body away. Hell, what was wrong with me? I was a succubus; I needed to feed or else I would wither away. How could I let some unwarrented feelings for a measly human stop me from fulfilling my most basic need?

To my surprise, Demrin reached out and let his fingers linger over the small of my back. "I pity you, Calla," he told me gently. "And fear you. But mostly I just love you, and wish you only the best. Get some sleep, and in the morning I shall leave so that you may find someone to feed upon."

My forced smile was all the gratitute I could muster. I thought he might have gone on, because his hand hadnt moved and there was a wistful sort of fire in his eyes. But he never got the chance, because suddenly there came a great bang, and then the door was falling in upon itself.

"Shit," I hissed as Demrin shoved me roughly behind his body.

At the same time the silhouette in the doorway stepped into the room. "You!" Demrin shouted. At the same time I let out a gasp.


His familiar eyes went wide. "Calla?" He said softly. The air was thick with tension, but it wasnt enough to slow me down as I pushed past my friend and ran into Adder's arms. With only the slightest of hesitation, he let himself embrace me loosely.

I couldnt explain why it felt so blissful to be there, pressed against his chest, but I certainly couldnt deny it either. Only when Demrin let out a choking sort of cough did I pull myself from him.

"But..." Demrin sputtered. "But you're..."

"So happy," Adder interjected quickly. "So happy you helped me to find Calla. I was so scared that something awful had happened to her."

A frown creased my brow. Adder couldnt have known about my apartment..could he? Then again, word did travel fast at The Pig's Head.

"Yes," Demrin murmured in a voice like melted butter. "Yes, she is safe here."

My violet eyes flickered back and forth between the two of them. Both wore fierce, protective glances. I wanted to ask them how they knew each other, but no words would form in my lips.

Demrin reached out to take me by the hand, pulling me towards him. Away from Adder. "Now that you know she's safe, I believe we should allow her some time to rest." His grip was tight on my forearm, but I couldnt cry out. Adder's expression changed as he took in the lack of space between the warlock and myself.

"Of course," he replied, with only the slightest traces of reluctance. To me, he said, "Meet me tomorrow night. I'll be waiting in my room."

I nodded. The invitation was all I needed.

The End

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