Ana: ConfusionMature

I was flying.

Or at least, that's what it felt like. It was as though I was no longer apart of my body and I was soaring high in the air. Except, when I looked around I noticed nothing was at it seemed. The sky was a deep purple laced with pinks, blues and oranges, scattered with thousands of tiny jewel-like stars. Somewhere below me, a shadow flitted across the ground, far too fast for my eyes to capture. 

Closing my eyes, I simply enjoyed the wonderful feel of this strange, fresh air upon my face. Each gust seemed to obliterate all of the worries in my mind as though it was laden with magic. Somewhere in my mind, deep and out of reach, I got the impression I was needed somewhere. I should go. But how? How could I do that when I had everything I needed right here? The feeling of pure euphoria; what more could I ask for?

Something slammed shut in the distant and I opened my eyes. 

However, I was no longer in this strange, magical sky but instead in my own bedroom. It was like an icy slap in the face finding out my dream had been nothing but that, a dream. 

'Reuben?' I called out, disorientated. 

What had happened?

Without warning, an bolt of pain shot through my head, exploding. I cried out in agony and clutched my head between my hands, trying to erase it. Just as suddenly as it had come on, it vanished. Talk about a migraine.

I stayed where I was for a few moments, waiting to see if it would come back. Satisfied it wouldn't, I got out of bed, noting that I was still wearing day time clothes. Hadn't I changed last night? Had I been too tired?

'Reuben?' I tried again, but once again no reply. I tiptoed across the hallway to his room, pushing open his door.

To my horror I realized his bed had not been slept in. 

'What the...REUBEN?'

Now I was beginning to panic. Suddenly the walls felt too tight, too close and I found it hard to breathe. Where was my brother?! Why wasn't he answering?

A name flashed through my mind. A name of a pub. The Pig's Head? Oh yes, that's right. We had asked for jobs. But they hadn't had any. 

He's probably out job-hunting again and didn't want to wake you, I told myself. Mostly to stop myself from hyperventilating or going into a panic attack. I decided I would go look for him, but not before I had gotten ready.

Twenty minutes later, I was washed and in fresh clothes about to set off for the pub. Making sure I had my phone in case he called, I jammed my keys into the door but to my surprise I noticed it was unlocked. 

'Strange,' I muttered. Shrugging it off, I headed to The Pig's Head which seemed lately to be the root of our problems. 

It was a fresh night, the moon was shining brightly overhead and it made a nice change from the dingy darkness that had seemed ready to consume my life in London. The pub was literally five minutes away and all too soon I was standing in the doorway, my eyes scouring for signs of my brother. 

However, he was no where to be seen. Maybe I should ask the bar staff if they had seen him. 

There weren't many people at the bar, only a couple of guys and one female. 

'Excuse me,' I tried to get the barman's attention. 'Have you seen my brother anywhere? He looks, well like me but male. He's tall with dark hair and brown eyes. I'd say he was around six foot-ish.'

The man blinked at me.

'Well...?' I suddenly felt very stupid. 

'No,' he said slowly. 'But I'll tell him you're looking for him.'

'Erm, thanks.'

Fantastic. I was never going to find him now.

Just as I headed in the other direction, I bumped straight into someone. 

'Sorry,' I apologized automatically, glancing up to see who I had run into, and cringing right back when my eyes met his. He was very intimidating, glaring at me now with open hostility in eyes? Who has red eyes? He was probably one of those guys with the gothic influences and the eye contacts.

'Yeah,' he growled. 'You will be.'

Jeez, talk about rude. I kept my head down as I slipped past him not daring to look up until I had rounded the corner. What was his problem?

'Ana?' someone called my name and I turned round hopefully. However, I saw it wasn't my brother but instead a total stranger.

'Urm, can I help you?'

'I just wanted to see if you were alright.' 

I had never seen this man in my life. None of his features looked familiar, from the shirt and trousers he was wearing to his jet black hair and equally black eyes. I noticed his head kept turning in the direction of the way I had just come. He looked ready to leave but also keen to stay and chat.

'Erm, I'm fine thanks?' 

His expression changed to one of confusion.

'You don't remember?'

'Remember what?' This guy was beginning to freak me out.

'Argh,' he groaned in frustration. 'Of course. An attack of that magnitude would mean you'd lose memory of it, and possibly of the previous couple of hours or so. Dammit.'


'Never mind, look I'll catch you later I have to be somewhere. Oh and by the way,' he stuck out his hand, which I took uncertainly. 'The name's Jester.'

Then he disappeared.


The End

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