Jester grimaced in pain, holding his hands to his stomach, he could still feel the burns on his fingers. Still in the alleyway the girl, Ana, lay unconscious. Jester was perched on the roof above, muttering gibberish under his breath. The girl didnt have any power? He made sure of that. She was human! But, how could she have done that? Was she protected? Who was powerful enough to defend against something that was supposed to be undetectable. Jester shivered. He was beginning to feel that something big was going on. More than five ingredients. 'No!' Shouted a voice in his mind. 'Five ingredients! Stay! Five ingredients!'

"Ana." Jester whispered, ignoring the voice. "She's not safe." Jester leapt down to the street, kneeling near the unconscious body. "So frail." He whispered, reaching out gingerly to touch her arm. No shocks, no burns. He went through her purse to find an address. There. Carefully picking the human girl up, he carried her back to her apartment. No one was home. The door was locked. Jester picked the lock with his knife and kicked the door open. He followed Ana's essence, it was beginning to stand out to him, a trail in the air, like a scent. He followed it to her room and laid her in the bed, tracing a finger down her cheek before dashing away, closing and locking the door behind him. As he headed back to the Pig's Head, he wondered briefly about what had happened to Ana's brother, who had seemed to simply vanish.

The Cold eyed one and a vampire were standing outside the pub when Jester got there.

"...There's a warlock that I need...taken care of. The Cold Eyed one was saying. "Demrin  Artuna...know him?" The vampire shook his head. "He hangs out with a succubus...though we still do not know her name. Find Demrin and bring him to me!" Only those words and the cold eyed one was gone, leaving the vampire to enter the pub. Jester followed him, storing the information away for later use.

'Warlock with Succubus. Eyes and heart. Vampire going same way. Toungue. 3 in same place. Time to act.' Jester eyed the vampire, watched the needed ingredient dart in and out between those fangs. Sharp fangs. Dangerous. He sat at a table and thought some more. Cold eyed one afraid of Warlock. Warlock, dangerous. Vampire, dangerous. Human, Ana. Dangerous. The instinct part of his mind controlled the mission, assessed the danger. Jester smiled. He liked the danger. He wanted it. He stood and sat next to the vampire at the bar, ordering another wine.

The End

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