Adder watched with a grim fascination as Ellie and Jack locked lips, kissing and enjoying the touch of each other. The sight lit Adders skin and made him remember his time with Calla. He sighed happily, after torturing the poltergeist and her human pet maybe he would go and see her. Finally the two's lips came apart and they starred happily at each other. Adder's had went to the place where Ellie had stabbed in with the stake.

Sure a stake through the heart hurt and drained him of blood but it wouldn't kill him. No he'd taken precautions for that long ago. Meeting with a Necromancer, he was graced with the ability to instantly heal from any injury no matter how serious...with a few exceptions. But Ellie and Jack wouldn't know those exceptions and he had the advantage of surprise. 

"Isn't that sweet." Adder hissed sarcastically.  Ellie wiped around and stared at him in horror, Jack flinched and looked as well. Adder just stood, his hands in his pockets, grinning, showing the needle like fangs which glimmered bone white.

"I killed you." Ellie gapped, he could smell her fear...almost taste it in the air. The hunger within his veins began to burn and coil around his muscles.

"Come on little Ghost you should know by now that it'll take a lot more than a stake to kill me. You've been watching way too much TV." Adder didn't move as Ellie stood up, what could she do to him now. The hunger heightened his senses and allowed him to read her body, knowing what she was going to do before her body moved.

The ghost stood in front of her lover and held her arms out to the sides, a veritable supernatural sacrifice. She clenched her fists tightly, fingernails digging into her palms. Oh don't worry Ellie, I'm not going to kill Jack first...he's not the one who started this! If you hadn't fought and just died like a good little girl Jack wouldn't be in this mess. 

Adder continued, anger pulsing behind his voice and eyes. "You thought you could fool me?! Even your bloody wig couldn't stay on!" A sinister grin tugged his lips as Ellie moved a hand to her head. Surprise, fear and despair curled her features into a grimace. The truth was beginning to dawn upon her, she had pissed off one of the most powerful creatures in London and now there was no escape from his seething wrath. 

Jack stood and rushed in front of Ellie. Such a naive human to think he could do anything against a vampire. He had to be a complete nutter, no matter, he would end up dead all the same. 

"Leave her alone." He growled in a pathetic human voice. 

"Don't Jack." Ellie pleaded back while Adder just grinned hungrily. Gnashing his fangs, he stepped forward slow enough for them to see. 

"I was going to leave you two alone, but you had to come and attempt to kill me again. Your days are numbered Ghost bitch!" In the blink of an eye Adder shifted behind Ellie, grabbing the back of her head and bashing it into the coffee table. Glass clattered to the ground and created a tiny mountain of crystal. The ghost was unconscious and Adder frowned, she really hadn't fought back at boring. The glass was visible through the girl as Jack began to charge after the vampire. 

He rolled his eyes and shifted behind the human, confusing him and throwing off his attack. The vampire snarled and grabbed ahold of his fragile human throat. I could kill him now, just one quick bite and this is all over. Just one bite. His eyes starred at the bandage on Jack's neck. Foolish human. In a quick movement he tossed the man's body through the air causing Jack to crash violently into the wall. First his back hit and a sickening crack echoed loudly before his head struck and his enitre body went limp. He was unconscious, a pathetic mortal trapped within his aging earthly coil.

"You humans really are as fragile as glass, squishy as mud, and delicious as the finest wine. Mere means to an end for my kind." Adder smiled at the two unconscious beings before him. How fate twisted their lives together; a human, a vampire, and a ghost. What more could there be?

Chuckling he picked up Jack and brought him to the kitchen , sitting him on an adjacent chair. Adder looked at the man sharply when a pungent smell hit the air, silky and sweeter than melted chocolate. Blood was dripping off his skull, from behind his locks of hair. Adder bit his tongue, I have to wait and show Ellie that when you survive a vampires bite...he hunts you till your dead and in the gutter. 

There was another chair in the room so he placed Ellie upon it and tied both Jack and Ellie to the chairs. Taking a bite out of Ellie's neck, the ghostly blood ran past his lips and made hims shiver. She had such a unique taste, one indescribable to anyone who hadn't experienced it. With her blood diminished so too would her powers. He wanted no unexpected surprises when they woke up. Licking his lips, Adder lapped up every single last drop of ghostly blood and waited for both Jack and Ellie to wake up, so he could torture them. So many ideas dashed through his mind then flitted away when they were dismissed. Eventually, he moved further into the kitchen and discovered a long serrated, knife. 



Ellie awoke with a start to find herself strapped to a chair, she was facing Jack who was also restrained. A few moments later Jack startled awake too. 

"Jack," Ellie said he eyes half open, she was weak and drained. Jack winced and stared helplessly. A shadow slowly moved behind the human making Ellie groan, her neck was sore and left no doubt the Vampire had fed from her. 

"Welcome back!" Adder hissed and towered behind Jack. Jack's muscles locked and his gaze slowly tilted up to the creature. The peircings above his lip and in his eye brow glinted with the dull kitchen light. Jack leaned away as best he could but Adder locked a hand under his chin and leaned his head so that he neck was displayed. Adder's cold hand wrapped around the bandages and tore them, his eyes dancing with fire and excitement. 

"Ellie, you naugty girl." The vampire purred leaning near Jack's neck. "You healed him with your blood didn't you? Marked him, as they call it. Invisible to the human eye but there for all the supernatural world to see." He leered right next to Jack who trembled a cold sweat beginning to perspire on his skin. 

"Your fucking sick Adder!" Ellie shouted, he face twisted in a menacing snarl. 

"Ahh, but you should turn your angry retrospection upon yourself. Who was the one who caused this whole did."

"Don't listen to him Ellie, I love you!" Jack cried out tears dripping from his eyes. Ellie, too, began to cry and opened her mouth to speak but Adder cut her off. 

"Shut up," he spat at the human, latching his fangs into the humans neck. His fangs stayed in the wounds, not allowing the ghostly touched blood to reach his lips. Adder just savored the horrified expression of Ellie's face. He then pulled his fangs out and licked the wound, watching as the skin stitched itself back together. "You see little ghost, I have friends that have given me the ability to heal any wound...but I think I'll just use that to prolong your torture." 

The knife clutched in the vampire's hand slammed into Jacks torso and twisted. The humans scream was loud and sharp, a melody to Adder. Removing the knife blood gushed from Jack as he howled and whimpered, crying to Ellie that he loved her. That it didn't matter if he died cause he would come back and find her. The vampire licked his fingers and pressed them to the wound healing them. 

"Hold still!" He growled pressing the knife to Jacks throat. A tiny red drop of blood fell from his neck as the front door burst open and a cold presence entered the house. Adder knew that feeling but waited till the black robed figure appeared at the kitchen doorway, his eyes glinting like tiny black jems. 

"Leave them Vampire! I need your help with something." Adder growled and looked back to his two prisoners, he hadn't even begun to torture them. "Now!" The necromancer demanded. Adder hissed and tossed the knife into the wall. 

"Listen very well Ghost, you too human morsel. If you ever come after me again I will finish what I started here tonight!" With that Adder and the Necromancer disappeared from the house and appeared outside the Pig's Head.

"Long time no see Scott!" Adder growled in a dangerous tone.

"Hush Adder, I have no time for your sarcasm. There is an urgent problem that needs tending to." The vampire cocked his head and narrowed his eyes, a skeptical expression on his face. 

"And what would that be?"

"Theres a warlock that I need...taken care of. Demrin  Artuna...know him?" Adder shook his head, keeping his crimson gaze locked on Scott. "He hangs out with a succubus...though we still do not know her name. Find Demrin and bring him to me!" With that Scott spun on his heels and was swallowed by shadows. 

Adder warily looked around then stepped inside the Pig's Head, taking an empty seat at the bar. 

"Get a me a shot of vodka..." he paused and felt his stomach grumble, the need for blood growing. "Make that two!" he added leaning on the bar. What a hell of a night! 

The End

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