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Ellie woke up in the middle of the night. She was surprised to find a blanket covering her as she lay on the sofa. She looked across the room to see Jack sat on his chair, she smiled at him when seeing him sat there fast asleep. Ellie got up from off the sofa and with much concentration picked Jack up in her arms and carried him over to where she was just lying. She lay him down and covered him with the blanket. He'd already made her feel comfortable and he'd watched over her, the least she could do was do the same for him. She pulled the quilt over him and walked back to the seat. She watched him and watched the door making sure Adder wouldn't return. And if he did, she'd be ready for him. She really would.

     However, as time wore on, as the night wore on she felt her eyelids dropping. She felt herself getting drowsy and before she knew it she was off into a deep sleep. Dreaming away...


     Ellie jolted up in the chair to the sound of shouting. "You fucked up Ellie!" Adder shouted at her and she immediately got up off the chair, trying to think of her next move. She looked at Jack and the horrid Vampire in front of her. She was scared for Jack, really scared that Adder would drain him dry. That Adder would kill him. No! She couldn't let that happen! She wouldn't let that happen! "You shouldn't have tried to kill me... see now that takes away every little inhibition I had with killing you. You're dead little poltergeist but first I'm gonna have you sit and watch as I bleed your friend dry."

     She stared at him wide eyed, but then attempted to gain composure. "What makes you think I can't control you again?" Ellie threatened him, her eyes narrowing. She took a step forward, both her fists completely clenched. Adder just smiled back at her, thinking stupid, little lost girl, she was out of her depth. He showed off his knife-sharp fangs and allowed them to linger over Jack's skin. Ellie let out a little squeal as tears fell from Jack's eyes. The grip Adder had on his throat was becoming too much. Way too much. Jack tried to speak to Ellie, tried to say something, however, his air supply was completely cut off. There was nothing he could do, nothing he could say. And all Ellie could do was just watch him. Watch him in pain.

     And it killed her that little bit more inside, watching Jack completely helpless. Once again she had put him in danger. It wasn't enough for Ellie to knock Adder out, she had to set his leg on fire as well! She just couldn't help herself, always going too far to protect herself. Or not going far enough. She should have killed him. She should have killed him when he was helpless, defenceless. And now because of that stupid mistake she'd made, Jack was going to pay the price. Not her, just Jack. It wasn't fair, why did the Vengeful Vampire have to bring him to this? This was between her and him and it should stay that way!

     Instead of replying to what Ellie said, Adder just sunk his fangs into Jack's neck, he locked his lips around the wound and drunk that sweet tasting red blood. A sharp smell surrounded the room as Ellie's eyes continued to narrow on Adder and the smell got worse and once again she'd set Adder on fire. He dropped Jack. And Ellie immediately went to Jack's side, holding him in her arms. She put pressure on Jack's wound, trying to slow the bleeding, whilst Adder patted out the mini fire that had him startled. "Leave us alone!" Ellie snarled at Adder, continuously watching him, hoping that her fire power would return. "I'll be back whore!" Adder yelled and within the blink of an eye he'd disappeared again.

     Jack was trying to concentrate on his breathing, he was still conscious, but barely. "I need to get you to the hospital!" Ellie told him.
  "No, what will they think? I mean, I'll just be floating in mid-air to them." Ellie let out a sigh when Jack told her this and placed a pillow under his head. Ellie ran into the kitchen and pulled out a knife from the draw, she returned back to the front room and cut her hand. When the reasonably deep incision had been made Ellie started jumping up and down. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" She complained, gained composure yet again and sat next to Jack. She was about to place her wound on his wound, but he stopped her. "Wait! I'm not going to catch AIDS or anything, am I?" He asks.
  "Firstly, I do not have AIDS. Secondly, I could swap blood with anything and no one will ever get AIDS from me and I won't get AIDS from them."
  "Ok, go for it." He said and Ellie placed her hand on his neck, both their blood merging into one.

     His wound would be healed in a few hours, however, Ellie wanted to make sure that Jack was ok. "I don't care what anyone says I'm taking you to the hospital."
  "Ellie..." He complained, but Ellie wasn't taking no for an answer, she picked him up in her arms and started carrying him. "God, for a fit guy you're heavy!" She told him and Jack let out a little laugh as she made this outburst. "You think I'm fit."
  "Your alright." She paused. "Since I can't drive I'm going to try and use my powers."
  "What? You've been round for a hundred years and you can't drive?" Jack scoffed.
  "They didn't have cars when I was around!" She complained and closed her eyes.
  "I would've thought you'd have learnt as a Ghost."
  "Shh..." She said and then concentrated so hard that eventually they ended up in the hospital.

     Ellie moved Jack onto his feet whilst giving him support, then she slowly let him fall to the ground. Within moments someone was shouting and a Doctor ran towards him and picked Jack up. The Doctor then carried him and Ellie followed. Jack went on this moving table and soon they went off into a room. Jack was starting to feel tired, like he could sleep the day away. "Don't fight sleep!" Ellie told him.
  "I'm not!"
  "You look like you are!"
  "I'm not."
  "He's delirious." The Doctor's said and Jack turned to the Doctor.
  "I'm not delirious." He told him and Ellie apologised to him.

     Finally sleep overtook Jack and Ellie stayed in the corner of the room they entered watching the Doctors get to work on Jack. They took a look at his wound and cleared it up, since he didn't have much blood in the system, they gave him some blood.

     And Ellie was waiting for hours for him to wake up...


     After about ten hours of waiting for Jack to wake up, he finally did. Ellie walked over to his side and smiled at him. "Are you ok?" She asked him.
  "I've got a bit of a headache, but I'm alright."
  "That's good." Ellie grins at him. "You seem to be healing quite well, I think my blood has helped do the trick. After a couple of hours, which is how long it takes for my blood to work, the Doctor's realised you simply didn't need anymore blood into your system. They were calling it a miracle."
  "You were here this whole time?" Jack asked her, grinning at Ellie. He hadn't expected this from her, he really hadn't. "Yeah, I had to know you'd wake up." She paused, suddenly feeling upset with what she was about to say. "Umm... I should leave you alone from now on." She tells Jack.
  "What do you mean leave me alone?"
  "I mean, that I should go. All I do is get you hurt and one day I'm going to get you killed and I don't want you to end up being a Ghost like me and suffering everyday. Or worse, I don't want you to end up dead for real. So I'm leaving."

     Once she got the long explanation out the way, she took one long look at Jack and was about to walk away. But it seems this wasn't going to go according to plan, as Jack gripped her hand quickly. Ellie turned around to face him. "Don't go." He told her.
  "Why?" She asked him.
  "Because before I met you my life was pointless, I just went to work and would sit at home all the time and go on dates now and again. It was boring, but now you're here, my life it's so much more exciting. And if I'm going to die, then I want it to be something related to what's happening in your life. I don't want to die choking on a piece of bacon, or from cancer, or a heart attack, because that to me isn't a life worth living anymore. Dying for this that's something worth living for."

     Ellie blushed when he told her this and she looked at him with admiration. He was willing to sacrifice a lot for Ellie. "That's great to hear, but hopefully you'll have a long life."
  "We'll see." Jack said to her and the Doctor walked into the room, checking everything with Jack. He had a clipboard in his hand and didn't say a word, just kept doing things like taking Jack's temperature and looking into Jack‘s eyes with a mini torch. "I swear you were worse before." The Doctor sighed and Jack just stayed silent, acting confused. "Anyway, here's your prescription and you can go whenever you're ready, ok?"
  "Do you have a lift home?"
  "Yeah, I Have a lift." Jack replied.
  "Ok, take care and try not to slip on any rakes next time."
  "Ok." After the Doctor left Jack turned to Ellie.
     He looked at her a little confused. "Rake?" He asked her.
  "Yeah, I used my little power and got the Doctor to write down that you fell on a rake."
  "Your good."
  "Thank you. Shall I get you out of here?" Ellie asked and before he could answer she put her hand on him and concentrated and they then appeared in Jack's house. "Wow, your quick."
  "I know." Ellie said.

     Jack sat down on the sofa whilst Ellie walked up and down the room. She was nervous about broaching a certain subject with Jack, but she had no choice. "Look, I don't think you should work at the Pig's Head anymore."
  "Why not?"
  "Because it's dangerous and you're going to get hurt there."
  "I like it there."
  "Can't I help you to find another job?"
  "No, sorry, look I can handle myself and I enjoy working there."
  "Ok." Ellie conceded. "However, if I'm going to keep you safe then I've got to do something."
  "What are you going to do?" Jack wondered.
  "Go shopping." Ellie replied, blinked and then disappeared.

     After about an hour Ellie returned. She appeared in Jack's front room and he jumped up in fear, but then realised it was her. He smiled in relief when he saw it was her, happy that it wasn't anyone else. "So what did you buy?" Jack asked whilst gesturing to the bags in her hands. Ellie dropped the bags and walked over to him and sat down next to him. "Well, I need to protect you and our main problem is the Vampire, so I'm going to go to his home and I'm going to dig up something on him, or kill him I haven't decided yet. And that way you stay protected."
  "Ellie, I don't need protecting."
  "Yes you do."
  "But what if you get hurt?"
  "Please, I have my flame power and I can just disappear."
  "Let me come with you."
  "No a human scent is easier to smell than a Ghosts. He'll take one sniff  of you and he'll wake up from this day nap. With a Ghost Vampires can smell us, but it's not as strong, ok? You both go, we both die."
  "Ok." Jack sighed.
  "Anyway, I've got a disguise. So he'll never know it's me if he wakes up."
  "So that's what you went shopping for." Jack smiled and Ellie winked at him, picked up the bags then left the room.

     Ellie started getting changed. She was trying to make herself more gothic, because after all the Vampire wouldn't think that Ellie would go for a look like that. She pulled on a black wig, put in blue contact lenses, put on black lipstick. She then pulled on a top that showed off her stomach and wore black jeans, with black, flat shoes. She painted her eyebrows that little bit darker and put on plenty of mascara. She painted her nails black. She painted a bloody knife on her arm with body paint to make it look like a tattoo and Ellie was ready to go.

     She walked back into the front room and the moment Jack laid eyes on her, he was in complete shock. "Wow." He said. "Is that you?" He asked her. "Your hot." He states. Ellie just arches an eyebrow.
  "Seriously?! I don't feel like me, gothic people don't know anything about fashion." Ellie complains.
  "Still, that top."
  "Right, do I look like me?"
  "You need to lose the voice."
  "Don't worry, I can put on a really good voice." Ellie smiled and pulled on the black leather jacket and placed the stake on her jeans where her belt would go if she was wearing a belt. "Hey, how come people don't see clothes floating around when your walking around places?" Jack wondered.
  "Because when anything has contact with me, it immediately becomes invisible."
  "So if I touch you, do I become invisible?"
  "No, your living and breathing, clothes aren't."
  "Right, wish me luck."

     When Ellie asked this Jack didn't say a word, so she just rolled her eyes concentrated on Adder and then disappeared. It was only when Ellie was gone that the words left Jack's mouth: "Good luck."

     Ellie was in Adder's home. She walked around the dark place, with the drawn curtains. She saw him lying asleep in his bed. It was creepy to her, even when he was asleep he looked scary and angry and dark. Ellie looked around the house and noticed that he had a lot of musty old books. However, that wasn't the frightening part, the frightening part was the amount of weapons he had. This man did not pack lightly.

     As Ellie walked around, her stake slipped out from her jeans and fell to the floor. Her whole body froze out of anticipation. Had Adder heard her drop the stake? After all he does have good hearing. When no one appeared she bent down and picked it up, then returned it back to her jeans. And as she did that Adder came out of nowhere and gripped her by the throat, then threw her against a door. "Who are you?" He snapped. "You smell familiar."
  "All us Ghosts smell similar." She replied in a deep American accent and he narrowed his eyes at her.
  "Another Ghost." He sighed. "I am getting fed up of Ghosts!" He roared and tightened his grip on her neck.

     The Ellie in disguise moved her hands behind her back and held a firm grip on the stake. "Get prepared to die bitch." Adder told her and just as he was about to taste her blood, she pulled the stake and staked him right in the heart. The Vampire fell backwards writhing in pain and Ellie, realising she'd done the job disappeared and returned back in Jack's house. She smiled when seeing Jack, still sat on the sofa, she ran over to him and hugged him. "I did it! I killed Adder!" She informed him and Jack laughed and hugged her tight.
  "I knew you could do it!" He grinned at her and suddenly the celebrations stopped.

     Both Ellie and Jack stared into one another's eyes, they both leaned in simultaneously. There mouths getting closer. The closer they got the warmer their bodies felt. Heat was radiating off them both and finally there lips met. At first they started off having these small kisses, just barely touching. However, as time went on they moved there arms around each other in an embrace, there lips moving rhythmically against each others. To Ellie it felt like fireworks were going off around them. Jack tasted so sweet to her and felt so warm. He lightly nipped at her lip and allowed his tongue to slide into her mouth, gently brushing against hers. And the kiss finished with a small one, just like the way they began this prolonged kiss.

     They pulled away from one another slowly and smiled, Ellie and Jack's eyes lit up at just seeing each other smile. "Isn't that sweet." Someone said in a sarcastic voice, Ellie turned around and Jack looked behind Ellie. And just standing there was Adder. He gave them an ironic smile. "I killed you." Ellie told him.
  "Come on little Ghost you should know by now that it'll take a lot more than a stake to kill me. You've been watching way too much TV." Ellie immediately stood up, making sure that Adder wouldn't go for Jack. Her fists clenched. "And you think you could fool me?! Even your bloody wig couldn't stay on!" Ellie moved a hand to her head, the wig was gone. How could she have been so stupid?!

     Jack, realising what was going on rushed forward and stood in front of Ellie. Wanting to keep her safe. "Leave her alone."
  "Don't Jack." Ellie told him. And Adder, he just smiled at them hungrily.
  "I was going to leave you two alone, but you had to come and attempt to kill me again. Your days are numbered Ghost bitch." In the blink of an eye Adder's body propelled forward. He grabbed Ellie from the back of her head and slammed her head down on the coffee table. The glass smashed from the impact her head was slammed against it. Adder then just let her fall to the floor, on top of the broken shards of glass. She was unconscious and Adder couldn't help, but think it wasn't much of a fight. Jack ran straight at him, trying to knock him down, however Adder took hold of his body in a quick movement and shoved him hard against the wall. Jack's body collided with the wall hard. Something cracked. And lastly, his head hit the wall, his whole body went limp and he also fell down to the floor unconscious.

     Adder smiled at the two unconscious people before him. He picked up Jack and brought him to the kitchen where he sat him on a chair. He sat Ellie on a chair too and tied both Jack and Ellie to the chairs. He took a bite out of Ellie's neck, making sure she couldn't work any of her powers when she woke up. He licked his lips, lapping up every single last drop of blood.

     And he waited. Waited for both Jack and Ellie to wake up, so he could torture them...

The End

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