First ChoiceMature

'Five ingredients. Five ingredients. Five ingredients. Knife!'

Jester stopped his mantra as he spotted the weapon in a dark storefront window down across the street below. He jumped down from the roof and crossed the narrow street. The knife in question was a ruby handled utility knife, one of those with a five inch folding blade and screwdriver and scissor attachments. 'I need this.' Jester thought, glancing up and down the street. No one was around and he took the opportunity to change into a less conspicuous form as he checked the door. His catlike ears laid flat down on his skull and vanished, as did all his fur except for on his head. The suit transformed into a pair of black jeans and T-shirt, the shirt had a blood red pattern of words and shapes that didnt really matter to Jester.  He looked at his reflection in the window. Black eyes peeked out from behind shaggy black bangs, standing out against the moonwashed pale skin. The door was unlocked and soon Jester saw why. A sleepy desk clerk rested his elbows on the counter. Jester gulped and gathered his thoughts.

"I'd like a knife." He said, walking forward.

"We got lots o' knives." Said the clerk grumpily, he was an older man of about fifty.

"I want that one." Jester specified, pointing at the one in the window.

"Fine," Said the sleepy man."Just get outta here." Jester grinned broadly and took the knife from the shelf, admiring the sharp blade as he extended out completely. He glanced at the clerk, who had begun to snore. Jester had been wandering for a couple days now, but had not found any supernatural creatures, maybe he could start with the human. He stepped forward with the knife, looking at the mans frail body beneath the clerks apron and decided against it. He should find someone better looking, with stronger, smoother skin. That would please the cold-eyed one. He left the shop without another thought, running through the streets this time, still in disguise.


After running through endless streets and turning endless corners, Jester came to a stop abruptly. They'd been here. More than once. Faint traces of vampire swirled around the essence of a succubus, a ghost had been here too, as did a warlock, they were frequent visitors. A subtle hint of magic in a human world. The right human would be easy to find, they were common as rabbits. He would start with finding them. This corner was marked by a sign hanging over the door to what was apparently the Pigs head pub.

Jester ducked inside to find the place dimly lit. He took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine, unsure if it was the right thing to do.

"Can I see some ID?" Said the man behind the counter. Jester looked him in the eyes, he and his outfit subtly changing to that of a young man in his early 20s.

"Is that really necessary?" He asked, smiling crookedly. The man moved off. Fingering the blade of the knife with the fingers of his left hand, Jester looked around the room for a suitable human. Most of the men in here were drunkards, rough men who were entirely unsuitable. Most of the women were the same. But there! There was a beautiful girl, young too. Jester slid off the bar stool and moved closer to where she sat, picking at the table edge, as if bored out of her mind. He sat down at the table in front of her.

"Hi." Jester said, attempting a civil smile. "I couldnt help noticing, that you are all alone at this table. What's your name?" The girl looked at him, a little scared and a little shy. Her dark eyes were very expressive, her dark hair fell gracefully past her shoulders, just a little was hanging in her face.

"Ana." She said quietly. Jester was thankful for his keen hearing. He did a double check, yes, there was no magic around her. Jester reached for her hand, her skin was soft and smooth, just slightly olive toned.

"Its nice to meet you Ana, I'm Jester." 'Real name! Bad!' Little sirens were going off in Jesters mind, he ignored them.

The End

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